It’s Here! The Umarex Origin Without Hand Pump

The Umarex Origin was one of the most significant air rifle introductions of 2020. It comprised an air rifle bundled with hand pump. But now you can also buy the Origin without hand pump.

“When we first introduced the Origin .22 with its Ever-Pressure Tank System, we included an airgun hand pump to create an all-in-one kit,” explained Justin “JB” Biddle, director of marketing for Umarex USA. “By including an air source, it helped people who wanted to own and shoot high-pressure air guns make the transition from traditional spring-powered pellet rifles.”

“It wasn’t long before we started hearing from shooters that they just wanted to buy the rifle without the pump,” JB continued. “That’s because there’s a huge number of people who already have a high-pressure air source and were impressed by the rifle’s accuracy right out of the box.”

So now you can buy the Umarex Origin without hand pump. The result is a saving of $50 on the selling price.

The Origin is a revolutionary product because it is specifically designed to be filled with High Pressure Air using a hand pump. The in-built Ever-Pressure Tank system really does work, reducing the effort required to fill the gun significantly when using a hand pump.

This chart compares HAM tests filling the Origin to a Benjamin Maximus – both using the same hand pump.

Umarex Origin Without Hand Pump

As you can see, the Maximus took 115 pumps to fill its 135 cc HPA tube to a full 2,000 PSI. That’s shown by the blue line on the chart.

Now look at the red line! As you can see, the Origin fills extremely rapidly with the first 13 pumps. With only 13 pumps, we were at 1,450 PSI. That’s the Ever Pressure Tank technology at work.

Continuing on, the Origin filled to 3,650 PSI with 140 strokes of the pump. It has a 140 cc HPA tube.

Surprisingly (to me at least), it was relatively easy to fill the Origin to full pressure. Pumping only became tough above about 3,300 PSI.

Sure, individual strokes of the pump required less effort to fill the Maximus – but then we maxed-out at only 2,000 PSI after 115 pumps. The Origin had reached 2,000 PSI after only 50 pumps. That’s a HUGE difference!

Accuracy testing showed the Origin’s ability to group 10 shots inside a Quarter at 25 Yards, straight out of the box. These results were produced using a Leapers Bugbuster scope and JSB Jumbo 15.89 Grain pellets. That’s certainly very acceptable for the gun’s intended target market.

Umarex Origin Without Hand Pump

The result was that the Origin earned a very creditable 89% score in HAM testing, together with a Gold Award for value and performance.

You can buy the Origin without hand pump today from the Umarex USA website.

Alternatively, the complete Origin bundle with pump is available from Pyramyd Air and Airgun Depot.

Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle with Hand Pump 0.22
Umarex Origin PCP Combo