It’s Not Too Late To Benefit From This Great Extreme Benchrest Advice

There’s still two weeks until entires for the 2020, EBR 9.5 Lockdown Edition close. So, if you’ve still not shot your targets, this Extreme Benchrest advice video is well worth watching.

Now, let’s be clear. This is NOT an action-packed video of shooting, sunshine and crowds. In fact, it’s quite the reverse. There’s no action at all!

However, it’s worth listening very closely to Gregor Kamensak’s words – all the way through the video. Gregor was a member of the RTI Air Arms Team that competed for the first time at the 2019 EBR competition. That’s him shooting in our heading photograph above. He’s also in the center of the full team photo below.

Extreme Benchrest Advice

In this video, he is extremely generous with his experience of shooting Extreme Benchrest. He’s also brutally honest about the problems the RTI Team encountered in their first EBR competition. They’re issues that could be found by any other shooter engaging in 100-Yard competition for the first time.

This is “unvarnished” Extreme Benchrest advice that is worth listening to. Particularly if you’re participating remotely for the first time in EBR 9.5.

During the 2019 competition, I spoke with the “main man” at RTI Air Arms, who I have met before several times at the annual IWA OutdoorClassics show in Germany. Robert also was very honest with me. He said that RTI was attending Extreme Benchrest to learn, learn and learn!

Robert explained that most of RTI’s testing for the Prophet had been undertaken indoors and that they really wanted to experience long range benchrest shooting in windy conditions. In addition, they also wanted to meet US airgunners and understand more about the way airgunners shoot.

As Gregor’s video highlights, they certainly learned a lot. They also won the 50 Yard Extreme Benchrest competition on their first try, which is very impressive…

The first part (nine minutes or so) of Gregor’s video is mainly about the RTI Prophet prototype that they shot at EBR 2019. This – in itself – is very interesting background.

Then he gets into the competition and discusses the experiences he, Francisco (photo below) and Sasho – the Team RTI shooters gained from EBR.

Extreme Benchrest Advice

Of course, Gregor covers the importance of a solid rest, a high quality scope and as much preparation as possible. But 100 Yard benchrest newcomers should also heed his words on shooting in changeable wind conditions!

Like Doug Rogers, he found that shooting without wind flags was very tough at 100 Yards. Again like Doug, he found it tough to always make just one hit on each bull – as per EBR rules – due to changeable wind conditions.

Then Gregor continues and reveals the secret of his sighting strategy for dealing with gusty wind at long ranges. If you haven’t yet shot your EBR 9.5 Lockdown Edition targets, this Extreme Benchrest advice will almost certainly improve your scores…

Thanks Gregor!