It’s Your Chance To Read The 2024 Leapers Catalog!

The Leapers catalog is one of the highlights of the sporting goods industry. It’s produced annually as a reference book for use by gunshops, buyers and others who buy and sell UTG scopes, mounts and the multitude of other products that the company produces. Publication is always in time for the SHOT Show.

The illustrations throughout this post are pages from the book.

2024 Leapers Catalog

Because Leapers does not sell direct to consumers, the catalog has never been available for most of us to read. At least not until now!

You see, this year, for the first time, the Leapers catalog is available as a download from the company’s website at Previously it’s always been a hard copy, print-only publication.

2024 Leapers Catalog

Due to the large size of the file, the download is structured into 15 sections. So it’s advisable to choose the product category that most interests you. However you can download the complete catalog, should you wish.

“So what’s the big deal?” I hear you say. “Isn’t all the information available on the Leapers website?”

Well, yes, it is. But the catalog provides a different way to view the information and in some ways it’s easier to use. It contains information on all of the company’s current products.

Remember that this is essentially a traditional print publication! So, you’ll find a few items in the catalog that may not yet be on the website if they have not yet been introduced. Plus, items under development when this annual catalog went to print may not always show the finalized specifications.

Website product information would show the finalized specs at product launch time.

In fact, the Leapers catalog is one of the last examples of the sadly-dying art of producing a high-quality, print reference book.

It combines superb design and layout with outstanding, edgy photography and great writing. If it was for sale, I would gladly pay $30.00 for this book!

Remarkably, the annual Leapers catalog is produced entirely in-house by Leapers’ own Marketing Team. They certainly make an exceptional job of it, as you can see by the sample pages illustrating this story.

2024 Leapers Catalog

So, for the first time, take a look. You’ll certainly learn something and you can marvel at the great variety of UTG products produced by the company.