Jefferson State Air Rifles Offers Custom Conversions And Parts

Jacob Ensign – the owner of Jefferson State Air Rifles – recently contacted HAM to tell us about his growing business. It’s an interesting story and the result is some interesting products. Take it away, Jacob…

Jefferson State Air Rifles (JSAR) designs and manufactures high performance air gun parts, as well as selling airguns. It evolved from the product development and CNC manufacturing company Rogue Energies LLC which I owned. (I’m a mechanical engineer).

It all started when the head machinist of Rogue Energies, Matt, purchased a newly released KRAL Puncher Breaker air rifle. After receiving the gun and using it for a while, he noticed a few opportunities that would improve his recent purchase.”

Below, This Benjamin Marauder is fitter with JASR’s Marauder AR Stock Adapter Kit.

Jefferson State Air Rifles Offers Custom Conversions And Parts

“Matt suggested Rogue Energies should start making a few upgrade parts for the gun, which could potentially offer a retail outlet for internally manufactured products.

At the same time, the owner of newly-formed Air Rifle Technology, Travis Whitney, was looking for a new manufacturing connection, having just parted ways with Wicked Air Rifles, with whom he was previously partnered.

Boom! Just like that, in early 2017 the path to JSAR was blazed…

Matt arranged a fun shoot for the whole Rogue Energies crew, along with Travis. I quickly saw the value of Travis’ experience and knowledge, in conjunction with the capabilities of his manufacturing business. It was clear this would make a great combo.

Only two weeks after that, Jefferson State Air Rifles was formed, Travis Whitney was hired on as a full time employee, and he closed down Air Rifle Technology to fully devote his time and expertise to JSAR.

The company’s web store,, was launched in December 2017 with around a dozen products for sale. Over the course of the next year, we have added over 150 new products and have filled close to 1000 orders.

JSAR offers upgrade products for Artemis, Benjamin, Hatsan, KRAL, FX, and Umarex. Our products are designed and tested with the goal of achieving better performance and higher power than what the market currently offers.”

Below. A Kral Puncher Mega converted to .30 Caliber with Lothar Walther barrel by JSAR.

Jefferson State Air Rifles Offers Custom Conversions And Parts

Leveraging on Travis’ expansive knowledge and experience, JSAR offers full tuned versions of Benjamin, KRAL, and Umarex air guns. We’re always focusing on improved performance and can significantly improve the performance of these airguns.

Ultimately, having always had the goal of offering full guns, and not just parts; JSAR has recently teamed with Evanix Air Guns to sell their newly-released, air-actuated, semi-automatic air rifle line.”

Below, the semi-automatic Evanix AirSpeed.

Jefferson State Air Rifles Offers Custom Conversions And Parts