JSB Airgun Slugs Availability Update – And RMAC Win!

New products from the Czech factory are rapidly entering the US market. Hence this JSB Airgun slugs availability update!

.30 Caliber Availability

Latest news is that JSB Knockout slugs are now available for US customers in .30 caliber. These 50.15 Grain hollowpoint slugs are naw available at Pyramyd Air in 150-count tins.

If you take advantage of Pyramyd’s “four tins for the price of three” offer, that makes these .30 caliber Knockouts just 11 cents each.

HAM readers first had a close look at these new slugs back in April. You can check them out here.


And Knockouts can shoot! At the recent Rocky Mountain Airgun Competition, Boyd Linder won the Precision Marksman Challenge PRO Class using JSB slugs in a .22 caliber FX Impact M3. That was a $20,000 win for JSB airgun slugs!

Currently, JSB Knockout slugs are available in .216, .217 and .218 head sizes for “.22 caliber” air rifles.

In .25 caliber, JSB slugs are available in .250 and .251 head sizes. While in .30 caliber, there’s just .30 head size available – at least at the present time.

Mark I or Mark II?

JSB airgun slugs are also available in Mark I (MKI) and Mark II (MKII) versions. Mark II slugs do not necessarily replace Mark Is – both types are available.

However, the Mk II slugs have a slightly flared skirt that can provide superior accuracy in some barrels. These “flared slugs” are available in .216, .218 and .250 head sizes.

To see the full range, Pyramyd Air has grouped all the Knockout models together on one page. This allows easy identification and selection as you are making your JSB slug purchasing choices.


JSB KnockOut Slugs .30 Cal, 50.15gr, Hollowpoint, 150ct 0.30