JSB Label Changes. Don’t Worry, There’s No Change To The Pellets!

Predator International, the US distributor for JSB pellets wants everyone to know that there have been some JSB label changes. However there’s no change to the pellets that are in the tins. Here’s the story…

As everyone knows, JSB pellets are manufactured in the Czech Republic. Back in August 2017, the Czech Proof House for Arms and Ammunition required a change to the labeling of all firearms, ammunition and pyrotechnic articles manufactured in the country.

Of course, JSB complied with the governmental regulations and made JSB label changes. The pellets with these new labels are now reaching customers in the USA, after working their way through the international supply chain.

Basically, the “\\\CZ\” symbol now has to be replaced by an alphanumeric indicator of the pellets’ caliber. This means that – instead of “\\\CZ\”, the pellet tins now carry the indication “M47 /08” for .177 caliber pellets, or “M 46/08” for .22 caliber pellets, etc.

You can see an example of these JSB label changes in our heading photograph, above.

The important thing to understand is that the JSB label changes have no effect on the pellets inside the tin. The pellets are exactly the same!

And if you want to understand – or remember – the JSB pellet naming strategy, you can check out Hard Air Magazine’s guide to all the company’s pellet names at https://hardairmagazine.com/news/product-news/hard-air-magazine-guide-understanding-jsb-pellet-labels/

Note that Polymag, Metalmag and GTO pellets are not yet effected by these labeling changes. It only applies to JSB-branded pellets.