JTS Airacuda PCP Air Rifle Available Soon

The JTS Airacuda PCP air rifle is a new introduction at the “value” end of the market. It’s a regulated PCP that’s selling for $319.99. Pyramyd Air estimates an in-stock date around July 25, 2022.

As with many newly-introduced PCPs now, there’s no .177 caliber model. But that’s unlikely to be a big loss as most people are now buying PCPs in .22 and.25 calibers, both of which are available for the Airacuda.

JTS Airacuda PCP Air Rifle Available Soon

The Airacuda combines an all-metal action with a traditional stock of “real tree wood”. This will certainly be attractive to many potential purchasers as an alternative to the currently-popular “black gun” look. There’s sections of laser-engraved checkering on the grip and forearm, together with a textured rubber buttpad.

The breech has Picatinny scope-mounting rails and a sidelever action. There’s a 10-round magazine that is also made of metal. Filling is by a “Foster fitting” in the front of the air tube. It’s covered with a cap for protection when not in use for filling.

HAM is delighted to see that the pressure gauge is in the underside of the stock! This is a safe location for reading and the manufacturer should be applauded for this.

JTS Airacuda PCP Air Rifle Available Soon

HPA fill pressure is not stated. However the gauge appears to be calibrated with a red line at 22 MPa – that’s 3,200 PSI. That pressure will be welcomed by those filling with a hand pump. It’s specified as providing up to 40 (presumably consistent) shots per fill.

Performance claims are for a maximum Muzzle Velocity of 920 FPS in .22 caliber and 900 FPS in .25 caliber. There’s an adjustable power capability, via a knob on the side of the breech. This undoubtedly will alter the transfer port area available for the regulated air when firing.

JTS Airacuda PCP Air Rifle Available Soon

The trigger is a 2-stage, adjustable model. There’s also a manual safety within the trigger guard.

The JTS Airacuda PCP air rifle includes a shrouded barrel for “backyard friendly” shooting. Although not stated at this time, it looks like the shroud has a nutted end. This makes it likely that a dedicated airgun silencer could be fitted, if desired.

Overall length is 41.5 Inches and the weight about 7.9 Lbs. There’s a 3-year warranty.

All-in-all, the Airacuda looks like an attractive, “traditional” choice for the PCP buyer. On paper, it offers broadly similar features to the Benjamin Marauder Field And Target at almost exactly half the price. That has to make interesting to a lot of potential buyers…

JTS Airacuda Max PCP Air Rifle 0.22