JTS Airguns At The 2024 SHOT Show

No, we’re not finished with Hard Air Magazine’s coverage of the 2024 SHOT Show! Let’s look at the range of new products being shown by JTS Airguns.

JTS had an exciting range of four completely new PCP air rifles on display at the show. The JTS StealthHawk is a completely new, “tank around barrel” model. This means that the barrel is surrounded by the HPA “tank”.

There’s a 4,500 PSI fill pressure that can give somewhere between 15 and 40 shots per fill, dependent on caliber and power setting. It’s being shown to us in our heading photogaph above by Travis Whitney of JTS Airguns.

The StealthHawk has a bolt action that feels very much like that of a Mauser 98 firearm. There’s a wood stock and regulated action with external regulator adjustment.

Available calibers will be .177 and .22 – in deference to the relatively restricted HPA capacity. The Street Price is likely to be around $600.

Next, Travis showed me the new Airacuda Max Brawn. This is an extension of the existing Airacuda platform, with calibers all the way from .177 to 30 cal.

JTS Airguns At The 2024 SHOT Show

As we can see, it’s a bullpup action with rear-mounted sidelever cocking.

The HPA tank pressure gauge is located at the front of the tube. The regulator gauge is back in conventional position on the left side of the action.

Next-up was the JTS Thunderlance. In spite of looking completely different, Travis told me that this bullpup has a similar action to that of the bolt-action StealthHawk.

In this case, there’s a huge plenum surrounding the barrel, while the main HPA source is provided by the familiar-looking carbon fiber bottle.

JTS Airguns At The 2024 SHOT Show

Again, this is a 4,500 PSI fill gun. Calibers are to be .22 and .25, for sure. There’s also the possibility of a .30 caliber version, Travis told me.

Interestingly the JTS Airguns Thunderlance has a short-stroke slide-action cocking system for rapid firing capabilities.

Last, but not least, was the JTS Shawlock. This is a designated 100 Yard competition gun. In this case, the whole of the barrel shroud is a plenum. It has a sidelever action, multi-adjustable trigger and stock.

JTS Airguns At The 2024 SHOT Show

Look for this to be priced at less than $700.00.

In addition, JTS Airguns was showing a whole new range of riflescopes. Plus – in addition to their existing range of Dead Center pellets – they are introducing a full range of .177 caliber pellets. Slugs in multiple calibers are to come too…

The JTS website can be found at https://www.jtsairguns.com.