JTS Dead Center Pellets

JTS Dead Center pellets are one of a large number of new brands that are blossoming in today’s expanding airgun ammunition market. In fact, they were first shown – to my knowledge – at the 2023 SHOT Show.

Already these new pellets have been the subject of enthusiastic discussion in the HAM Community, in this thread, among others. And now they are being advertised by Pyramyd Air, which answers one of the common questions: “Where do I buy them?”

So far, Dead Center pellets are mainly available in a domed configuration. However, there’s also some interesting “semi-domed” pellets included in the range, too.

Reflecting the current US airgun market dynamics, JTS Dead Center pellets are available in three calibers: .22 cal, .25 cal and .30 caliber.

Again reflecting market dynamics, most – four models – are available for .22 caliber. Two models are available in .25 caliber and one in .30 cal.


JTS Dead Center Pellets

Pricing varies from 4 Cents per pellet for the .22 caliber, 18.1 Grain domed pellets, up to 16 Cents a shot for the 45.06 Grain .30 caliber pellets. Hey, more lead costs more…

Of course, you can benefit from Pyramyd’s “Get four tins for the price of three” offer. That will reduced the price appropriately.

Here’s the full range from the Pyramyd website:

JTS Dead Center Precision .22 Cal, 21.53 Grain, Semi-Dome, 250ct 0.22

JTS Dead Center Precision .25 Cal, 29.63 Grain, Domed, 150ct 0.25

JTS Dead Center Precision .30 Cal, 45.06 Grain, Domed, 100ct 0.30