KalibrGun And AirMaks – More Czech Airguns At IWA 2023

KalibrGun and AirMaks are two more Czech airgun manufacturers to be drawing attention at IWA OutdoorClassics 2023.

Both KalibrGun and AirMaks are based in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Let’s start by looking at KalibrGun’s latest offerings.

First off is an air rifle that I think will have a considerable appeal in the US market. It’s the KalibrGun Snipe. Marek from KalibrGun is showing it to us in our heading photograph above. Thanks Marek!

The Snipe is a completely new model from the company. It’s entirely different to any of the previous Cricket-derived models and was being shown in a prototype form.

KalibrGun And AirMaks

As we can see, the KalibrGun Snipe adopt the fashionable “black gun” format and appearance. It’s not so AR15-like as many (the breech looks more like a squad automatic to me), however that’s definitely an AR pistol grip on it.

Cocking is by means of a straight-pull bolt handle. There’s a choice of digital and analog pressure gauges and there’s an externally-adjustable regulator.

Then we have the new Springbok W semi-auto. This looks to be a closer development from the HAM Gold Award-winning Cricket 2 Tactical.

KalibrGun And AirMaks

The Springbok is available in .177 and .22 calibers and has a sleek deign with an ambidextrous cocking handle capability. In the view below, we see an open slot for the cocking handle – it’s fitted to the left side on this gun.

The externally-adjustable regulator is always on the right side, however – as we can see from the photograph below. It’s that circular button that’s located just forward of the rear (regulated) pressure gauge.

Finally, Marek showed me the new semi-bullpup version of the Cricket 2 Tactical. It’s model 45 CRBT in KalibrGun’s naming convention.

KalibrGun And AirMaks

US customers will expect to see these new models available in the (relatively) near future from Airguns of Arizona. There’s more information on the manufacturer’s web site.

Next in this update on KalibrGun and Airmaks airguns, we’ll look at AirMaks. Here, the company was showing various versions of their existing Katran, Krait and Cayman PCPs.

Here’s the convertible pistol/carbine version of the Katran, complete with dedicated bipod.

KalibrGun And AirMaks

Then Christopher Roberts showed me a long version of the Krait Bullpup with laminated wood stock…

KalibrGun And AirMaks

… followed by a compact version with camo finish.

There’s more airgun news to come from IWA OutdoorClassics 2023. Keep tuned to Hard Air Magazine…