KalibrGun’s Latest! The New Cricket II Tactical

Czech manufacturer KalibrGun is really moving forward right now! Their latest model is the Cricket II Tactical.

HAM tested a Cricket II very recently. It gave us some of the best accuracy and most consistent performance of any PCP air rifle we’ve ever tested…

Now the Cricket II Tactical offers some additional improvements to the Cricket platform. In fact, these improvements are so significant that Hard Air Magazine feels this “Tactical” version really qualifies as a completely new model.

KaliberGun’s Latest! The New Cricket II Tactical



High Capacity HPA Bottle Supply

The biggest change is a move from the Cricket’s traditional High Pressure Air tube system to a high capacity carbon fiber HPA bottle. This move provides a huge increase in consistent shot count.

In fact, the shot count is more than doubled compared to the traditional “HPA tube” versions of the Cricket. Maximum fill pressure is the same at 4,350 PSI (300 bar).

This new air supply system allows for other benefits, too. Now the pressure gauge is located on the side of the action. This is another HUGE improvement in the HAM Team’s opinion. No longer do you need to (almost) look down the barrel to check the air pressure in the tank.

KaliberGun’s Latest! The New Cricket II Tactical


Improved Operation

KalibrGun tells HAM that the Cricket II Tactical incorporates a more protected cocking mechanism. There’s also an improved cocking action for lighter and smother operation.

Another improvement is simplified magazine loading. Now it’s not necessary to hold the lever when loading. HAM Publisher Stephen Archer is really looking forward to this!

Other improvements are a revised, trigger-block-type safety and a visible cocking indicator at the rear of the receiver.

The incorporation of a short Picatinny rail ahead of the trigger provides the opportunity to fit a bipod. This will help the owner achieve the consistent long range accuracy that the Cricket platform has always been noted for.

These are all important design changes that add together to create a step-change in usability for the new Tactical model. Oh, and it looks great, too!

The .22 caliber is available in two versions.  The “compact model” is shown in our photographs above. Below is the .22 caliber “long model”. Note the difference in barrel and tank length.

KaliberGun’s Latest! The New Cricket II Tactical

Yet More Improvements

There’s now a Picatinny-mount scope rail. While not required for recoil-handling, it’s clearly the current standard for scope mounting on PCPs.

Although the Cricket II’s barrel is shrouded, the new Tactical model also includes an industry-standard 1/2-Inch UNF threaded adapter at the muzzle. This will allow the easy installation of a silencer for those who want the quietest possible report from their air rifle.

The minimalist stock design of the Cricket II Tactical is called the “WTC” stock. It includes the signature Cricket capability of holding multiple spare magazines – two in this case.

KalibrGun says that the cheekpiece for the WTC stock is synthetic. However a wood cheekpiece is available as an option (HAM testers loved this when shooting the Cricket II for our test review in freezing weather).


KalibrGun tells HAM that the Cricket II Tactical is starting to ship out to their world-wide dealers. It’s available in a choice of calibers from .177 to .30 cal.

Here’s a summary of the specifications.

.177.22 Compact.22 Long.25.30
Barrel Length17.7 Inches17.7 Inches23.6 Inches23.6 Inches23.6 Inches
Max Muzzle Energy22 Ft/Lbs40 Ft/Lbs55 Ft/Lbs60 Ft/Lbs90 Ft/Lbs
Max Muzzle Velocity985 FPS985 FPS1050 FPS985 FPS915 FPS
HPA Capacity477 cc477 cc627 cc627 cc613 cc
Shot Count200 shots at 860 FPS130 shots at 860 FPS160 shots at 860 FPS110 shots at 895 FPS65 shots at 860 FPS
Overall Length26.8 Inches26.8 Inches33.1 Inches33.1 Inches33.1 Inches
Weight7.5 Lbs7.5 Lbs8.3 Lbs8.3 lbs8.3 Lbs
Magazine capacity14 shots14 shots14 shots12 shots10 shots

For more information, check out the KalibrGun USA website.