Kral Puncher Monarch PCP Air Rifle

Pyramyd Air has announced that they will be selling the Kral Puncher Monarch PCP air rifle. This “semi bullpup” model is already in stock in small numbers in .177 caliber. Larger calibers – .22 and .25 cal – are scheduled to arrive in 2022. It’s attractively priced at $599.99.

As with many Kral products, the ambidextrous thumbhole stock is manufactured from Turkish walnut. This makes a lot of sense as Kral is a Turkish manufacturer and the indigenous walnut is often very pleasantly figured.

The Kral Monarch has a 330 cc air tube that fills to 2,900 PSI. That’s a very comfortable pressure for filling by hand pump and will be welcomed by many for that reason.

The shot count is given as up to 84 shots per fill in .177 cal, 72 shots in .22 and 60 shots in .25 caliber. Power levels are up to 38 Ft/Lbs in .25 caliber and can be varied using the built-in power adjuster.

Kral Puncher Monarch PCP Air Rifle

The barrel is fully shrouded and there’s provision for adding an “airgun only” silencer through the standard 1/2-Inch UNF thread at the muzzle end.

Both the buttpad and cheekpiece have vertical adjustment capability. This is a big benefit that allows a good cheek weld to be achieved by the shooter. The result is increased consistency of “on target” hits downrange.

Cocking is by a side lever mounted at the rear of the action. The semi-bullpup stock design makes that position much more usable than if the stock had a shorter “full bullpup” configuration.

The Monarch is fitted with an adjustable, two-stage trigger with separate trigger show. There’s a manual safety also, of course.

Kral is a manufacturer with a vast range of PCP air rifle models. It’s interesting to check over the company’s website to see all that are available.

In the past, HAM has reviewed two Kral air rifles. These were the Puncher Armour and the Puncher Mega. We found them to be reliable and accurate with the right pellet. Overall, good value for the money.

In both cases, it was clear that these guns would benefit from a little careful tuning. Then their full potential could have been achieved. That – in itself – is a benefit for many owners who like their guns to be a “project”.

It will be interesting to see how the Kral Puncher Monarch PCP air rifle performs in future!

Kral Puncher Monarch PCP Air Rifle, Walnut 0.22