Latest FX Power Upgrades

The latest FX power upgrades are now available to order at Pyramyd Air. Why would you need them? In a word: slugs!

The increasing desire among airgunners to shoot ever-heavier slugs results in demands for increased power capability from what are already powerful PCP air rifles. There are kits for the FX Impact, Wildcat/maverick and Crown.

The parts illustrated in our heading photograph above are the Slug Power Kit for the FX Wildcat MkII and Maverick. There’s a new bolt with adjustable pin probe for .22 caliber. This pin probe is adjustable using an Allen (hex) wrench. It provides custom tuning for different lengths of projectiles (pellets typically need a deeper probe than slugs, for example).

In addition, the Wildcat/Maverick kit includes a sleeve that allows the same functionality in .25 caliber. There’s also a heavier hammer.

The potential muzzle velocity increase for this kit is claimed to be 98 FPS.

A slightly different set of parts is included with the other FX power upgrades. Below we see the Impact Slug Power Kit.

Latest FX Power Upgrades

Again, this kit applies to .22 and .25 calibers with the adjustable pin probe and sleeve. However it also includes a lighter valve return spring that allows the valve to stay open longer during the firing cycle.

There’s also two hammer weight spacers. These allow for additional hammer spring compression and added hammer mass.

FX claims that this kit can increase .22 caliber velocity by 35 – 55 FPS. For .25 caliber, it’s 50 – 80 FPS.

The photograph below shows the FX Crown Slug Power Kit and – below it and to a larger scale – a new tungsten hammer.

Latest FX Power Upgrades

The Crown Slug Power Kit again includes the adjustable pin probe system, combining this with a heavy hammer and hammer spring guide.

The tungsten hammer is compatible with the Crown MKII, Wildcat MKII, Dreamline and Maverick. It’s an ultra-heavy hammer that works with these models in all calibers. Again, it’s ideal for slug shooting.

Looks like it’s time to get those tools out…

FX Impact Slug Power Kit

FX Wildcat MKIII/Maverick Slug Power kit

FX Crown Slug Power Kit

FX Tungsten Hammer for Non-Impact Models