LCS SK-19 Flat Dark Earth – Video Temptation From AoA!

The selective fire LCS SK-19 Flat Dark Earth edition has been available for a few months. And now Airguns of Arizona has released this video showing it in detail.

And – be warned – if you ever needed any additional temptation to give in to those “must buy SK-19, must buy SK-19” voices in your head, this video is it!

Unlike so many “feature film length” videos on YouTube today, this one’s snappy and to the point. It’s well worth one minute 43 seconds of your time to watch – if only to see Lauren from AoA having fun when she empties the 19-shot magazine in one, controlled three-second blast!

SK-19 Flat Dark Earth

This new LCS SK-19 Flat Dark Earth edition is available to order as an alternative to the traditional all-black finish.

AoA explains that the Flat Dark Earth highlights are professionally-applied using the Cerakote process. This makes them durable and long-lasting. Both .22 and .25 calibers are available in the new look.

This FDE Cerakote highlighting is applied to the cheek piece/action cover, together with both the upper and lower Picatinny accessory rails. The pistol grip is also supplied in a matching color too. There’s no doubt that the overall effect is stunning!

HAM recently tested the SK-19 in .22 caliber. We were impressed with its power, accuracy and – of course – selective fire capability. On test we recorded Muzzle Energies above 45 Ft/Lbs with 25.39 Grain JSB Jumbo Monster pellets. Check out our test target to to see the controllability in full auto fire.

The SK-19 earned a coveted HAM Gold Award with an outstanding 93% score. FYI, we’re also planning to test the .30 caliber version soon…

LCS Air Arms SK-19 .25 Cal FDE