Leapers Introducing INTEGRIX Challenging What’s Standard at EBR

Extreme Benchrest 2022 is taking place very soon, from October 6 – 9th. Leapers is one of the companies that has announced it will be attending and introducing INTEGRIX to the airgun world.

Just about every airgunner – including the top competitors – has owned one or more Leapers UTG scopes on their air rifles at some time. It’s such a well-known brand in the airgun world!

However, Leapers is really moving up-market with its new range of INTEGRIX scopes. These were first shown at the 2022 SHOT Show and will be available to purchase soon.

“Introducing INTEGRIX, challenging what’s standard” is a slogan the company’s promoting for these new products.

Although the first Integrix models are primarily intended for AR15 use, rather than airguns, the airgun market has always been huge for Leapers. So the company is taking this opportunity to showcase its new INTEGRIX brand at Extreme Benchrest – together with other outstanding products like UTG Bugbuster scopes, P.O.I rings and Picatinny Riser Mounts.

As a statement of the company’s intent in the airgun market, Leapers’ owner – David Ding – will be at EBR himself.

David is very knowledgeable about all types of shooting and optics. He’s hoping to talk to as many EBR attendees as possible both about Leapers existing products and what you would like to see in future from his company.

David’s a great guy and very open to new ideas. That’s him in the photograph above. So this is an ideal opportunity to tell the top man at Leapers what you want in future UTG and INTEGRIX products!

In addition, Leapers has supplied an INTEGRIX 1-8 x 28 FFP scope worth $1,499.97 for the EBR raffle. The lucky winner will be the first person in the USA to have their own personal INTEGRIX scope, so this is a great opportunity to own the first ever INTEGRIX scope in the public domain!