Let’s Look At Some Daystate Howler Slugs

HAM readers learned recently that Daystate Howler slugs have been introduced in .22 caliber. Now they’re available in .177 cal also. As some have arrived at the HAM offices, we can take a close look to see what they’re like…

Howler slugs are currently available in two calibers – .22 cal and .177. The Larger caliber slugs have a weight of 20.3 Grains, the .177s weigh 12.6 Grains each.

And now for some unusual aspects to these slugs…

Firstly, there’s no precise head size given. Instead, the Airguns of Arizona website says that “Accuracy tested at sub-MOA. Daystate has confidence that these Howler Slugs are high precision ammo for the Daystate ART barrel as well as many other makes and models of airguns.”

Maybe that’s no so surprising. However this next piece of information definitely is. These Daystate slugs are well-priced. OK – let’s say it – they’re cheap!!!

Cheap is not an adjective normally associated with Daystate products. But it’s true here! For the pricing of these Howler slugs really is attractive. They cost just around 5 Cents each…

Not only that, but there’s a card “coin” in each tin that entitles the purchaser to $2.00 off any Daystate, Brocock or MTC product.  True, that $2.00 isn’t going to go far against the purchase price of that new Delta Wolf you’ve been promising yourself. However, save up these coins and they’ll be a welcome discount against further tins of Howlers.

One reason that Howlers are such good value is that they are packaged in large quantities. There’s 375 slugs in the tin of .22 caliber ammo. This is nearly double the normal 200 slugs per tin offered by most other quality slug brands.

In .177 caliber, there’s as many as 600 slugs per tin!

Let's Look At Some Daystate Howler Slugs

Daystate is open that these slugs have been developed by their ART Team in association with Nielsen Specialty Ammo (NSA).

This means that Howlers are manufactured in the USA by NSA for Daystate. In the US, they’re sold by Airguns of Arizona and Precision Airgun Distribution dealers.

Below we see a close-up of the .22 caliber slugs. The slugs received by HAM look clean and well-manufactured. They have a distinct hollow point, combined with a dished base.

Howler Slugs

Below we have a close-up of the .177 caliber slugs.

Howler Slugs

As with any slugs – or pellets for that matter – there will be some experimentation necessary to establish downrange accuracy with your particular air rifle. However, the Daystate ART (Accuracy Research Team) testing means that Daystate and Brocock owners are likely to be pleased with the result. Many other airgunners may be too, so long as the slugs are fired from a powerful PCP air rifle.

Daystate Howler Slugs .177 Cal, 12.6 Gr 600 Ct
Daystate Howler Slugs .22 Cal, 20.3 Gr 375 Ct