Let’s Look At Some Olympia Shot Pellets

Following the HAM story about Olympia Shot pellets, the manufacturer sent a couple of tins to Hard Air Magazine for us to inspect. Here’s some close-up views of what we found…

Both sample tins of pellets were for .177 caliber. One tin contained 8.26 Grain Match Heavy wadcutters. The other had 9.41 Grain Pointed heavies. The pellets we received were in 250 count tins and contained a white foam spacer inside the lid to reduce the possibility of damage during transit.

In fact, Olympia Shot has a range of 14 different types, weights and sizes of pellets, mostly in .177 caliber. There are different grades of wadutters, domes and pointed pellets available.

The Match Heavy wadcutters looked very clean. There was little sign of lead dirt and junk in the tine – although this was emphatically NOT a structured test of the type you’ll find in Hard Air Magazine’s comprehensive pellet reviews!

Olympia Shot Pellets

The Olympia Shot Pointed Heavy pellets also looked very clean. At 9.41 Grains, these are quite heavy for a pointed pellet of “traditional” design.

Olympia Shot Pellets

Both types of pellets were supplied in solid-feeling screw-top tins. Together with the high quality, self-adhesive printed labels stuck to the lids, the overall effect of both products was impressive.

The .177 caliber-heavy product line reflects the demands of the European home market. However the appearance of .22 caliber, 25 Grain slugs in the Olympia Shot product range indicates that the company is setting its sights on a broader potential market in future.

Olympia Shot Pellets

We’ll be including both these pellets in the forthcoming HAM Ballistic Coefficients testing session and will add them to our BC database when the results are available.

Olympia Shot pellets have been available in Poland direct from the factory and selected dealers. Now the company is looking to expand and seeking distributors in other countries.

There’s more information available on the company’s website.