Let’s Look At The American Air Arms EVOL Mini

The EVOL Mini is a compact PCP air rifle that packs a big punch in a very small footprint. It’s designed and manufactured by American Air Arms, based in Southern California.

Available in .22 caliber, the EVOL Mini carries manufacturer’s specifications for up to 30 shots at up to 30 Ft/Lbs Muzzle Energy.

American Air Arms EVOL Mini

The first thing you notice about the EVOL Mini is how small it is.  Duhhhh…

Well, yes, it is called “Mini”, and I’d read that it’s only 31 Inches long with the Magpul stock extended. I also knew that the weight was just 5 Lbs 9 Oz – or thereabouts – without a scope.

But I was still amazed it actually feels in the hand! This is something that really has to be experienced to fully appreciate.

Yes, I’ve seen American Air Arms guns before – and fired them too – at Extreme Benchrest a couple of years ago. But this is my first time to spend some “quality time” with the product.

American Air Arms EVOL Mini

First off, I mounted a suitable scope. The chosen optic was a favorite Sightron 3-16 x 42. This combines a clear, sharp view with a suitably “stealth” external appearance and a pleasantly-fine reticle. It’s also a good size to balance with the EVOL.

As usual, I used Leapers UTG Pro high rings to mount the scope. The combination went together well. It looks good and balances well in the hand.

Total weight of the scoped gun was still just 7 Lbs 3 Oz. Still very light.

That Picatinny rail underneath the barrel is about the longest I’ve ever seen in that location on an air rifle. It called-out for a bipod. So I attached an ultra-light Spartan Javelin bipod. The total weight was still just 7 Lbs 9 Oz. Wow!

In spite of the small size, American Air Arms indicates that owners should expect about 30 consistent shots of up to 30 Ft/Lbs Muzzle Velocity from one 4,000 PSI fill of the EVOL Mini. HAM will be testing that in a comprehensive test review planned for the near future.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be interesting!

American Air Arms EVOL Mini .22 Cal
Spartan Javelin Bipod