Let’s Look At The Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifle

True, the Daystate Red Wolf PCP air rifle has been around for a few years. In fact, it was introduced in 2018. It was not the company’s first foray into electronically-controlled air rifles. For example, the Air Wolf MCT model included an earlier version of electronic firing control when it was introduced in 2011.

In spite of the introduction of the more recent Delta Wolf and Alpha Wolf models, the Red Wolf remains the first choice of many Field Target and benchrest shooters. The Daystate Red Wolf PCP air rifle is a frequent winner at Extreme Benchrest competitions, for example, and HAM has featured impressions of this airgun from top-scoring users in a previous story.

However this remains the first time that the HAM Team has really come to grips with the Red Wolf. So what really is special about the Red Wolf and why should you consider buying one?


As usual, first we’ll take an overview of the gun before moving on to a comprehensive HAM test review…

As soon as you remove the Red Wolf from its box, you’re immediately struck by one thing. This is a BEAUTIFUL air rifle! The overall design and appearance is a delight to the eye.

One highlight of the gun is the gorgeous stock. Although the Red Wolf is available in a traditional walnut stock, a Safari edition and a blue laminate version, it’s the red laminate that’s the most popular version – and it’s easy to see why!

The stock features an adjustable buttpad and cheek piece. That makes it very easy to acquire a comfortable, repeatable shooting position. That – of course – is key to consistent, repeatable accuracy downrange.


For our review, we mounted a MTC Optics Viper Pro 3-18 x 50 scope. This 30mm tube scope has an airgun-friendly “Christmas Tree” reticle and focuses down to 10 Yards, making it a good match to the Red Wolf for the Field Target competitor.


A set of UTG Pro 30mm high mount P.O.I scope rings completed the rig, ready for testing. These are high quality rings that match the appearance and finish of both scope and rifle.

Immediate stand-out features that impress as soon as you take a first shot are the cocking lever and trigger. It’s tough to describe how light, smooth and – yes – perfect that lever action feels, but we’ll try our best in the full HAM review.


Then there’s that trigger. It feels just like an incredibly-high quality electric switch – which is really what it is, of course. Again, operation is sublime…


And no, that’s not some sort of stain in the finish of the stock above the trigger. It’s actually a reflection of the trigger blade in the high-gloss finish of the laminate!

Then there’s the other key aspect of the Red Wolf. It’s the LCD display. From left to right, this display is showing the pressure (183 Bar = 2650 PSI), the power level selected (Mid) and the Shot counter (reading 121). This is where the programming is done and settings changed. We’ll be looking at it in more detail in the comprehensive HAM test review.


Daystate Red Wolf
MTC Optics Viper Pro 3-18 x 50 scope (Currently on special offer)
UTG Pro 30mm high mount P.O.I scope rings