Let’s Look At The Daystate Wolverine R HP

The Daystate Wolverine R HP is the latest version of the Wolverine family from the famous British manufacturer. “HP”, of course, stands for High Power – the full-power, US specification model.

Of course, there’s been much excitement in recent times around Daystate’s electronically-controlled air rifles: such as the Red Wolf and forthcoming Delta Wolf.

The value of the Wolverine R is that it is the company’s top-end fully mechanical air rifle. There’s plenty of customers out there who still want good, old-fashioned mechanical control over their airgun. This is the Daystate model for them!

HAM will be running a comprehensive test review of the Daystate Wolverine R HP in the near future. First – as always – we spend some time “fun shooting” and getting to know the gun.

Daystate Wolverine R HP

The gun we have here is in .25 caliber. AoA tells us that it’s good for around 55 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy and around 40 shots per fill. In fact, we currently have it fitted with a larger-capacity (480 cc instead of 380 cc) HPA tank. This is an optional upgrade from Airguns of Arizona, but we’ll be installing the regular-size tank for the review.

There’s no question that the Daystate Wolverine R HP is a beautiful air rifle! We have the stylish gray laminate stock, but there’s also a choice of solid walnut and green “Forester” laminate. In every case, the stock is of the same, comfortable, thumbhole style.

Daystate Wolverine R

As you can see, we’ve mounted an Aztec Optics 5.5-25 x 50 scope and installed the single shot tray while sighting-in.

Also visible are the twin air gauges which are an external indicator of the Huma regulator that’s fitted to this gun. Incorporating a regulator was a big step in the Wolverine 2 version. That’s now been combined with sidelever cocking and the new stock design to create the current “R” version.

The all-up weight of our Daystate Wolverine R HP – with scope and big tank is a fairly hefty 10 Lb 10 Oz. However, it really doesn’t feel that heavy when shooting, due to the balance of the design.

As you would expect, the trigger is sublime and the sidelever action exquisite. We’ll being you more details in the forthcoming review…

Daystate Wolverine R HP

Until the HAM review is published, why not enjoy AoA’s video of this air rifle. That’s “Target” the AoA parrot making the review – in conjunction with Jared, of course!

Daystate Wolverine R HP