Let’s Look At The Meopta Optika5 4-20 x 50 Riflescope

The Meopta Optika5 4-20 x 50 is one model in this growing scope range. Optika5 scopes were first launched at the SHOT Show in 2020 and the Czech/American company has been adding new models since then. The 4-20 x 50 is among them. It’s manufactured in the Czech Republic and the Street Price is around $490.

The Optika5 range has a number of differences to the previously-introduced Optika6 line. Optika5 scopes have a 5x zoom magnification range. It’s 6x for the Optika6 scopes.

In addition, Optika5 scopes have a 1-inch diameter tube. The Optika6 scopes have a 30mm tube (except for the 5-30 x 56 model which has a 34 mm tube).

Optika5 scopes all have second focal plane reticles and feature capped hunting turrets. If you want more choice in reticle position and turret configuration, this is available in the Optika6 line.

We mounted the Optika5 4-20 x 50 scope to another quality European product, a Diana 54 AirKing Pro. The Model 54 has a fearsome reputation for recoil. However, we found that the Optika5 stood up to this well for the duration of our testing.

Like other Meopta scopes, this Optika5 is equipped with the company’s aggressive “triangular” rubber gripping surface on all rotatable parts.

Personal opinion: I like the look and feel of this rubber gripping and find it pleasant to use, especially when wet. But – in case – you prefer even more rotational leverage of the scope’s zoom ring, Meopta includes a screw-in lever than makes quick changes of magnification even easier.

I like the lever. But f you don’t, don’t install it…

Meopta Optika5 4-20 x 50 Riflescope

The same gripping surface is extended to the parallax correction knob at the side of the turret. This works well enough and provides focusing down to 10 Yards range. However, some airgunners will be looking for a “big wheel” attachment to facilitate focusing. Unfortunately Meopta does not have one in the Optika5 range at the present time.

The 5x zoom range provides a lot of possibilities for using and shooting this scope. The ZPlus reticle is located in the second focal plane and has hash marks based on the MOA system. Designed for use at 6x magnification, this reticle could also easily be used at 12x and 18x magnifications by simply multiplying the standard MOA values.

Meopta provides full detail on the hash markings of this “mild Christmas tree” reticle at this page of the company’s website.

Meopta Optika5 4-20 x 50 Riflescope

The reticle itself appears to me to be somewhat finer than is shown in the diagram above. For this reason, I would prefer the illuminated reticle (RD) version of this scope. That would give more versatility for use in low light conditions for an approximately $30 price premium. If fitted, the reticle illumination control is to be found at the end of the parallax correction turret. (Arrow below).

The turrets of this Meopta Optika5 4-20 x 50 are capped to prevent inadvertent changes in the field.

Removal of the covers is very simple. The zero-settable elevation and windage turrets are found underneath. As can be seen below, one click of either turret = 1 MOA of correction downrange. The total amount of correction for either turret is 60 MOA. That’s just over 1-Inch at 100 Yards

Meopta Optika5 4-20 x 50 Riflescope

Turret markings are extremely legible and are made against the witness marks printed on the scope tube. The screw slot in the end of the turret is used to unlock and lock the turret as required.

Again in common with other Optika5 models, this scope is supplied with very robust “bikini-type” lend covers. Unlike many such accessories, these give a feeling of solidity and long-term durability.

Meopta Optika5 4-20 x 50 Riflescope

The Meopta Optika5 4-20 x 50 weighs-in at 23.5 Ounces and is 23.6 Inches long overall. This makes it physically a good fit for many air rifles, being neither too long or too heavy for balance with most guns.

As always with Meopta products, practical use showed optical performance to be outstanding at the price point. Sharpness and contrast are excellent. The bright image likewise makes target acquisition and sighting easy to do.

We mounted the scope using Leapers UTG PRO dovetail rings. These matched well with the scope’s matt black finish and gave a strong fixing to the Model 54’s scope rail.

Pyramyd Air has the illuminated reticle version of this scope available. That’s the one I would buy!

Meopta Optika5 4-20×50 SFP Rifle Scope, Illuminated Z-Plus, 1 Tube