Let’s Look At The SIG MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle

The SIG MCX Virtus PCP air rifle is the latest product from SIG Air. It’s also the company’s first PCP. HAM has reported on this gun before – most recently from the 2020 SHOT Show. But now it’s here and we can look at it up-close.

The SIG MCX Virtus PCP  fits well into the range of existing SIG Air  models.


Like the ASP MCX and MPX longarms, it carries its power supply at the rear of the action. However the regulated PCP tank is somewhat more bulky than an 88/90 Gram CO2 bottle. In this case, the HPA tank IS the stock. The buttplate is clamped to the rear of this HPA tank.

Overall, the action of the Virtus is similar to that of the ASP MCX and MPX models. It accepts SIG’s 30-round belt-fed magazine and fires as fast as you can pull the trigger.

ModelWeightLengthStreet Price
With Iron Sights
ASP MCX8 Lb 8 Oz34.5 Inches$185.99
ASP MPX6 Lb 14 Oz26 Inches$169.95
Virtus7 Lb 13 Oz37 Inches$299.95

Like the other SIG Air longarms, the SIG MCX Virtus PCP air rifle is supplied with excellent iron sights. The rear sight is adjustable for windage…

… while the front sight has elevation-adjustment capability.

SIG includes a multi-tool with the Virtus. This is used to make sight changes, seat pellets and tighten the buttplate.

The long Picatinny rail allows optics to be fitted. We tried the SIG Air 1-4×20 scope that’s often bundled with the MCX. It fitted very nicely.

SIG MCX Virtus PCP air rifle

Then, just for fun, we installed the SIG Whisky 3 ASP 4-12×44 scope to see how a larger scope would mount. This combination certainly worked well and looked great. However, we needed to add a riser rail in order for the bell of the scope to clear the rail. This did allow the rear sight to remain in place, however.

SIG MCX Virtus PCP air rifle

The regulated HPA tank fills to 3,000 PSI and is regulated down to a much lower pressure for use in the gun. The result is that the Virtus is considerably more powerful than its ASP MCX and MPX siblings. SIG is quoting a maximum Muzzle Energy of 12 Ft/Lbs, which translates to 700 FPS+ for this .22 caliber-only model.

High Pressure Air power scores over CO2 (used by the MCX and MPX) in being pretty-well unaffected by temperature changes. However, it does require a high pressure pump or rank to fill the gun.

Another benefit is a HUGE number of shots per fill. Initial indications are that in excess of 150 shots are available from a full 13 cubic inch tank. That’s at a reasonably-consistent Muzzle Velocity.

The action is similar to that of the ASP MCX and MPX. The pellet is rotated into position through the first stage of the trigger pull. The second stage pull actually fires the gun. These photographs below show how the action finctions by looking down the magazine well.

First we see the un-cocked action.

SIG MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle

Now we see the action with the trigger pulled back to the end of the first stage. Notice the differences!

SIG MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle

The magazine is loaded in the same way as the MCX and MPX. The belt is easily removed for loading, however, it’s necessary to seat each pellet into position using the loading tool.

SIG MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle

Re-insertion in the magazine is equally easy.

HAM will be testing the SIG MCX Virtus PCP air rifle in the near future. Stay tuned!

Sig Sauer ASP MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle 0.22