Let’s Look At The Stoeger XM1 Scout PCP Air Rifle

The Stoeger XM1 Scout PCP air rifle was announced at the 2024 SHOT Show. Now it’s becoming available at a gunshop near you selling Stoeger Airguns.

In fact there’s two very similar models. The compact Scout has a short, 18-Inch barrel. There’s also an otherwise (almost) identical model with a 23.62-Inch barrel called the XM1 Ranger.

The full length Ranger actually has a larger-capacity HPA tube also (300 cc versus 200 cc). Plus it shoots a little faster too, courtesy of the longer barrel. Both models are available in .22 and .25 calibers.

The MSRPs are attractive at $329 for the Scout and $349 for the Ranger. For the money they offer a lot of value, as we’ll see here.

Stoeger XM1 Scout PCP Air Rifle

Stoeger Airguns differentiates its PCP air rifles by stressing the “human interface” elements. In the Stoeger XM1 Scout PCP (and Ranger) they offer a variety of choices of stock configuration.

The available choices include an adjustable-height cheekpiece. That’s fairly common, of course. But there’s more…

Less common is the choice of pull length that’s made possible by the built-in buttstock spacers.

Probably unique to Stoeger airguns in the “non precision target rifle space” is the ability to also change the girth of the pistol grip.

For me, the most comfortable set-up was achieved with the cheekpiece near fully raised, the stock at full length, combined with the smaller pistol grip. There’s no doubt that a comfortable stock fit is a key contributor to a consistent hold. That – in turn – leads to improved accuracy in the field.

Another customization feature of the Stoeger XM1 Scout is the option to add three short Picatinny rails around the stock’s broad, flat forend. One, two, or all three are easily attached to your requirements.

For me, the lower rail allowed the attachment of a sling swivel. As the buttstock includes an aperture for a swivel, it’s easy to attach a sling.

For me, using a sling in the “hasty” position – that is wrapped tight around the leading arm – is the best possible way to shoot from a standing or kneeling position. That’s another way that makes the Scout easy to shoot accurately in the field.

Stoeger XM1 Scout PCP Air Rifle

I mounted a Leapers UTG True Hunter 3-9×40 scope to the Picatinny rail that’s machined into the top of the breech. The overall combination handled and balanced well.

Specifications for the XM1 Scout include a Muzzle Velocity of up to 900 FPS with alloy pellets in .22 caliber. Make that 800 FPS with alloys in .25 cal. There’s a hammer spring adjuster in the rear of the action, should you wish to change the factory defaults.

As you would expect, the action is regulated, with a gauge in the underside of the action for confirmation.

The free-floated barrel is shrouded. Its muzzle is threaded for adding an airgun-only silencer where legal, if you need it to be even more backyard-friendly.

Pellet feeding is achieved using a sidelever action with a choice of rotary magazine (10 shot capacity in .22 cal, 9-shot in .25) and single shot tray. In fact, Stoeger includes two magazines with the Scout and Ranger, as well as a single-shot tray.

Stoeger XM1 Scout PCP Air Rifle

Many will be pleased to note that the rotary magazines incorporate a metal rotor, too.

The two-stage trigger is adjustable and includes a manual “push across” trigger-block safety.

Stoeger XM1 Scout PCP Air Rifle

The Stoeger XM1 Scout is supplied with a fill probe, a complete set of replacement O rings and some Allen (hex) wrenches for the enthusiastic owner.

Stoeger XM1 Scout PCP Air Rifle

In the USA, Stoeger Airguns are available at gun shops selling Stoeger firearms. They’re also available on Amazon.

You can find out more details at the Stoeger Airguns website.