Let’s Take A First Look At The NxWerks Apocalypse BB Pistol

Recently HAM carried a story about a new range of BB pistols being launched by a Scandanavian company. Now we can take a first close look at one of their products. It’s the NxWerks Apocalypse BB pistol.

The Apocalypse is a blowback 1911-style pistol with a distinctive “skeleton” look.

NxWerks Apocalypse BB Pistol

As you can see, not only are the hammer and trigger “skeletonized”, the pistol grip is also. Of course, when a 12 Gram CO2 cartridge is installed, you can see that too – if you’re not holding the pistol that is!

Eye-grabbing looks are a big element of the NxWerks Apocalypse BB pistol. The finish is also first class – even by the high standards of the replica BB gun industry.

As you would expect, all the normal 1911-type controls work as expected. This includes the grip safety, slide release, ambidextrous safety and magazine release. Oh – and the trigger and hammer, of course!

Only the front and rear sights are non-adjustable.

NxWerks is promoting the strong blowback capabilities of their airguns. As we can see below, the slide travel is very long.

This allows a “firearms size” look down into the top of the magazine through ejection port.

NxWerks Apocalypse BB pistol

The drop-free magazine holds the BBs and 12 Gram CO2 cartridge, as expected. It’s a very substantial piece, weighing no less than 13 Oz – even without BBs and CO2 cartridge. Watch out for your toes when you drop this magazine!!!

Taking a second look at the open slide, we see something interesting…

Yes, the barrel is actually funnel-shaped. It wobbles a little when the slide is cocked. However NxWerks explains that they are engineered that way to avoid the paint becoming chipped from wear. Accuracy and performance is unaffected, however, they say. The company is claiming decent accuracy for plinking and training from their range of pistols.

NxWerks Apocalypse BB pistol

The sample NxWerks Apocalypse BB pistol received by HAM was received in a good quality clamshell case. A BB loader is also includes, together with an instruction sheet and a very nice screwdriver tool – we must find out what that’s for as it’s not described in the instructions…

NxWerks products are becoming available in Germany through ESC GmbH and other European countries. The company hopes that you’ll be able to buy them in the USA fairly soon too.

You can discover more about NxWerks Precision Arms on the company’s website at There’s a catalog showing the individual models at