Let’s Take A First Look At The SIG MCX Rattler BB Gun

HAM first brought you information about the SIG MCX Rattler BB gun back in February 2023. Now we have one in-house and can share more information about SIG’s first BB-firing long gun.

First, let’s take a look at the two different SIG Rattler airguns. The HAM Gold Award-winning pellet shooter in on the left of this photograph. The new BB gun is on the right.

SIG MCX Rattler BB Gun

The new SIG MCX Rattler BB gun is definitely a much smaller and more compact unit, as you can see. The side-folding stock makes it even more so. It’s also much lighter than the pellet-shooter.

SIG MCX Rattler BB Gun

As you can see above, the new BB Rattler is supplied with high front and rear open sights. These can be folded down if required. Or removed as we did for our testing. Instead we installed a Leapers UTG red/green dot sight for our use and testing. It’s much easier for our older eyes!

SIG MCX Rattler BB Gun

In addition, we found the pistol grip that’s supplied with the Rattler BB gun to be a little small for our hands. Having a standard “AR” mounting profile, it was very easy to remove and replace with the larger model you can see in the photograph below.

This was a UTG pistol grip from Leapers. It fitted perfectly, although a longer fixing screw was needed than the one that attached the SIG grip. (M5 x 25 instead of M5 x 20).

SIG MCX Rattler BB Gun

Finally, we added a UTG Ultra Slim Angled Foregrip using the Keymod slots under the forend. The combination of foregrip and new pistol grip made the gun easier to hold for us. And – of course – it’s always fun to personalize a new gun a little!

That compares to the regular factory configuration that you can see in the photograph below. Note how compact the Rattler is with the buttstock folded!

As a reminder, the comparative specs for the pellet- and BB-firing Rattlers look like this…

Rattler BB GunRattler Canebrake
AmmunitionSteel BBs.177 caliber pellets
Magazine Capacity30 round stick30 round belt
CO2 Capacity12 Grams88/90 Grams
Auto Fire Capability3-round burstNo
Muzzle Velocity300 FPS600 FPS
Folding StockYesNo
Drop-Free MagYesNo
Rattler BB GunRattler Canebrake
Overall Length23.63 Inches30.13 Inches
Barrel Length5.5 Inches4 Inches
Weight With Mag4.6 Lbs7.6 Lbs
PCP UpgradableNoYes

HAM Tester Doug Wall is looking forward to reviewing this new SIG MCX Rattler BB gun. Somehow I don’t think he will need reminding to check-out the 3-shot burst capability!

SIG Sauer MCX Rattler CO2 BB Rifle 0.177