Load FX Airguns Fast With New STUD Magazine Loaders

Do you want to load FX Airguns fast? If so, these new STUD magazine loaders could be just what you need!

The concept behind STUD magazine loaders is to make it quicker and easier to load current – Sideshot-style – FX Mega magazines. These are the ones with the removable top plate.

Initially, STUD magazine loaders are available for the smaller-capacity FX Mega magazines. The one for the Dreamline, Crown and Wildcat Mk III. They’ll be available for the larger-capacity Impact-style magazines in the near future.

Load FX Airguns Fast With New STUD Magazine Loaders

These magazine loaders are color-coded for simplicity. Blue is .177 caliber, yellow means .22. Orange is for .25 cal and red for .30 caliber. This makes it easy to spot the correct caliber in a range bag, says Doug from DLH Development LLC, the inventor and manufacturer of these new products.

I tried out the .177, .22 cal and .30 caliber mag loaders. They definitely work and make it possible to load FX Airguns fast – much faster than hand-loading.

load FX Airguns fast

STUD Magazine Loaders are also considerably cheaper than FX magazines. This makes them an attractive proposition if you want to pre-load a number of mag loaders to take into the field for rapid reloading.

Rather than describe how the STUD mag loader works, it’s much quicker if you look at a video, It’s on the Home Page of the STUD mag loader website. Just scroll down to the third section of the page . The video’s constantly looping there for you to see…

These new mag loaders also work with slugs. I tried the .22 caliber STUD mag loader with FX Hybrid Slugs. They fitted and worked just fine!

Load FX Airguns Fast With New STUD Magazine Loaders

STUD mag loaders are also available in flat green for hunters. In this case, all calibers are green.

There’s also another STUD product! This is the STUD Feeder. It provides a simple way to stage pellets easily in the correct orientation – ie head down – prior to loading into the mag loader.

Load FX Airguns Fast With New STUD Magazine Loaders

I tried the feeder using JSB 8.44 Grain pellets and achieved a 100% success rate for correct pellet orientation. Just pour the pellets onto the feeder, shake and they align themselves correctly. Very clever!

Take a look at this video on this page to see how it works.

The feeder is currently available in .177 caliber only.

Doug explained to me that STUD magazine loaders and the feeder are the result of 6 months of R&D effort, combined with manufacturing and testing many hundreds of prototypes.

Even better, STUD products are manufactured right here in the USA!

If you want to load FX Airguns fast, check out the STUD website. You can find out more product information and order direct from the manufacturer.