Look At This Skeletonized Tactical Extreme Marauder

This skeletonized tactical extreme Marauder is something we’ve not seen before. In fact, it’s a highly customized Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle that’s built using the AR Stock Adapter Kit from Jefferson State Air Rifles.

The JSAR kit allows you to install any AR15-compatible pistol grip and buttstock. It fits Generation 2 Marauder air rifle (BP2564, 2264 and 1764 model numbers). As a result, the standard Benjamin stock is no longer used – hence the skeletonized look!

This particular gun has taken the customization even further. Externally-visible modifications include the left-handed bolt and fixed, airgun-specific silencer. There’s a synthetic AR pistol grip and Luth-AR adjustable stock. Internally, there’s a HUMA regulator.

To complement the stealth look of this skeletonized tactical extreme Marauder, we installed a Sightron S-TAC 3-16 x 42 scope (save 10% at Sightron USA right now) using Leapers UTG Pro rings.

The whole rig weighs 9 Lbs 5 Ozs with an overall length of 49 Inches. That would be 6 Inches less without the can on the end of the shroud. This gun is in .25 caliber and is shooting 19.91 Grain H&N Field Target Trophy pellets at 850FPS – that’s 31.95 Ft/Lbs – with the HUMA reg set to 2,200 PSI.

The JSAR Stock Adapter Kit comprises three main parts, plus fixing screws. As shown below…

Look At This Skeletonized Tactical Extreme Marauder

Part 1 is a new trigger guard. Part 2 is an adapter block that allows the AR pistol grip to be attached. Part 3 is the adapter that allows the AR15-type buttstock to be attached to the gun. The parts are nicely made and finished. The result certainly looks good.

Look At This Skeletonized Tactical Extreme Marauder

As the regular Marauder stock is not used in this conversion, the pressure gauge is in a somewhat exposed position. Care would need to be taken here in use!

Although it might look as if the gauge adapter (between the gauge and the pressure tube) is superfluous, we found that it’s not so easy to attach the gauge directly to the gauge port inside the pressure tube. Tried that! So the resultant offset of the gauge adapter is, unfortunately, necessary.

In this gun, the pressure gauge reads the regulated air pressure. The HPA tube is therefore must filled using the gauge on tank or compressor. (But don’t we do that anyway?)

Look At This Skeletonized Tactical Extreme Marauder

In another difference from the standard Marauder, hammer spring adjustment is done using a different method as the regular Marauder end cap is not required with this conversion.

Marauder Gen 2 AR Stock Adapter Kit