Many More KalibrGun PCP Air Rifles Now At AoA!

Airguns of Arizona has made a significant increase in the number of KalibrGun PCP air rifles it is stocking for sale.

The Arizona-based airgun center now has no less than 20 KalibrGun SKUs listed for sale on its website. These include all of the Czech manufacturer’s current air rifle models – Cricket, Cricket 2, Argus and Capybara – in a range of calibers and stock styles.

Many of the Cricket models are of bullpup configuration and about 27 Inches long. The Capybara is 29.5 Inches in length, the Mini Carbine (below) is 30.7 Inches and the Carbine 45.7 Inches long.

This gives a range of configurations that will appeal to a wide variety of airgunners, AoA tells Hard Air Magazine.

Cricket CarbineFull length wood.25
Cricket Mini CarbineWood WST semi-bullpup.22, .25
Cricket StandardSynthetic PLB.22, .25
Cricket StandardWood WB.22, .25
Cricket 2Synthetic PLB.22, .25, .30
Cricket 2Wood WB.22, .25, .30
Cricket 2Wood WSA.22, .25, .30
Argus 60WWood.22, .25, .30

The traditional Cricket has a rear-mounted cocking lever and two-stage adjustable trigger. The HPA tank has a fill pressure of 300 Bar (4,351 PSI). The safety uses rotary operation.

Many More KalibrGun PCP Air Rifles Now At AoA!

The Cricket 2 (above) provides mid-mounted sidelever cocking. This includes the capability to have the sidelever positioned on either the left- or right-hand side of the action. It’s also regulated and has a 300 Bar (4,351 PSI) fill pressure with a two-stage trigger. The safety also has a rotary action.

The Argus is a multi-shot, sidelever, regulated, silenced bullpup PCP. It’s available in .22 caliber. The sidelever cocking system is mounted midships. (That’s it in our heading photograph above).

Like the Cricket 2, it can easily be located on either side to match the owner’s preferences. The Argus uses a different magazine from the Cricket models.

The Capybara is available in .22 caliber only. It has a straight-pull cocking handle mounted midships on the left side of the action. Again, it has its own dedicated magazine.

Many More KalibrGun PCP Air Rifles Now At AoA!

Airguns of Arizona is positioning KalibrGun PCP air rifles in the premium end of the market. The company has sold Crickets for some years, but AoA is clearly pushing forward hard with the range.

It’s interesting to note, however, that there’s no .177 caliber guns in AoA’s inventory. That’s a clear indication of the popularity of the continuing trend towards larger calibers in the US market.

KalibrGun Argus
KalibrGun Cricket Standard Synthetic