Meopta MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD SFP Rifle Scope

The MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD SFP rifle scope is a recent – and unusual – introduction from the Meopta Sports Optics. The company is based in the USA and Czech Republic. It manufactures precision medical and scientific instruments, as well as riflescopes, binoculars and other sporting optics.

Meopta is a name that is not well-known among airgunners. However they produce some excellent riflescopes, as can be seen from HAM’s comprehensive review of the company’s ZD 4-16×44 RD scope.

The first reason that the MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD SFP rifle scope is unusual is that it is – by Meopta standards – a relatively low-end product. It’s selling for $449.99 at Pyramyd Air.

The second is that it has a simple crosshair reticle, albeit with a red dot center point. Yes, this scope focuses down to an airgun-friendly 10 Yards using side turret parallax adjustment.

However not everyone wants – or likes – the ever more complex “Christmas Tree” reticles that proliferate across high-end scopes nowadays. So here is a high quality alternative for hunters who value a simple, bold reticle that can give rapid target acquisition against complex backgrounds at known distances.

Meopta MeoSport R 3-15x50 RD SFP Rifle Scope

A third unusual feature is that the MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD SFP rifle scope is supplied with Picatinny rings. This is not common for Meopta and it’s interesting to see some innovation here, too.

Both the rings and the underside of the scope are given reference marks. Matching them up gives a rapid method of providing a close – maybe even a close enough – vertical alignment for the scope. It’s an interesting approach to attacking the ever-lurking issue of cant when mounting scopes.

Meopta MeoSport R 3-15x50 RD SFP Rifle Scope

As with other Meopta scopes, the MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD is not specified by the manufacturer for use on spring/piston air rifles. It MAY work OK, but the factory would really much prefer it to be mounted on a PCP or other rifle with no forward recoil to guarantee long-term reliability.

Talking of long-term reliability, the MeoSport is provided with Meopta’s limited lifetime warranty for this 30mm tube scope. As we said at the start, this is an unusual scope: it’s also interesting!

Meopta MeoSport R 3-15×50 RD SFP Rifle Scope, 4C Reticle, 30mm Tube