More About The New Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

Today, HAM has more “eye candy” on the Daystate Delta Wolf air rifle. We’ve already carried a summary of the specifications: here we have some more details and photographs of how it looks in use.

And we tell you how you could – possibly – win one yourself!

More About The New Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

As we can see, this is a compact bullpup that can be shot well from a bipod and offhand.

More About The New Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

It can also be accessorized with an adjustable buttpad and other accessories, as we can see below. Daystate is working with third-party partners to develop a range of specialist accessories. Some will be available at launch, but we can expect the range to grow with time in future.

The scope mount can be moved to provide the ideal eye relief for the scope in use and the shooter’s eyes. This is an innovative feature that we’ve not seen on other air rifles.

The basic configuration is as shown below – except for the fact that this example has a bronze-finished receiver.

One of the many innovative features of the Daystate Delta Wolf air rifle is its magazine. This has magnets on the base, allowing two magazines to be connected together as shown below. These combined magazines can be loaded “as one” into the Delta Wolf, sliding them across when the first mag is emptied.

This gives high capacity without the bulk of a single, large-capacity magazine.

The sidelever action is mid-mounted with what looks like a similar bolt knob to the one the HAM Team found so easy to use in our recent Brocock XR Sniper test review.

The trigger is multi-adjustable, as can be glimpsed in this close-up of the action below.

More About The New Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

Here’s a closeup of the valve itself. More details to come on this in future…

The built-in digital chronograph fits inside the shroud. Here’s a close-up of the unit, showing the two sensors and main Printed Circuit Board.

The result is a compact air rifle, as we can see from these photographs.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer’s website has a Delta Wolf Challenge running right now. You could win a Daystate Delta Wolf air rifle by correctly guessing the power levels for the full power – that’s US-specification – models in each caliber. It’s quick and free to enter.

If you enter from outside the U.K., Daystate will send your gun to the country importer. For example, Airguns of Arizona in the USA. The Daystate website has full terms and conditions. Good luck!!!