More Detail On The RTI Prophet Air Rifle

Here’s some more detailed information about the RTI Prophet air rifle. (Check out our previous story for background on this unusual airgun).

Typical power levels for “unrestricted” (US-spec) guns range from 17.7 Ft/Lbs up to a maximum of around 100 Joules (74 Ft/Lbs) in .30 caliber.

CaliberTypical maximum Muzzle EnergyTypical shots per fillMagazine capacity
.17724 Joules (17.7 Ft/Lbs)N/a14 shots
.2272 Joules (53 Ft/Lbs)Around 7012
.2585 Joules (63 Ft/Lbs)Around 7010
.30100 Joules (74 Ft/Lbs)Around 707

There’s an externally-adjustable regulator. This allows the prophet owner to fine tune the gun to a specific power level or pellet type.

RTI Prophet air rifle

To assist with this, the Prophet is equipped with dual pressure gauges. The one on the right in our photograph above gives the fill pressure for the HPA tank. The 500 cc carbon fiber tank has a maximum fill pressure of 300 Bar (4351 PSI).

The left gauge indicates the regulator pressure. This can be set by the owner to anywhere between 80 and 200 Bar (1,160 to 2,900 PSI). However the default factory setting is 125 Bar (1,813 PSI). This is the pressure that is held in the Prophet’s large 57 cc plenum. That’s the short tube between the regulator and valve, underneath and ahead of the magazine well.

RTI Prophet air rifle.


Reg pressure is adjusted using the black socket head setscrew located inside the bright finish tube next to the paintball tank male fill nipple. Pressure is changed by rotating the screw with a 5mm Allen key.

As with many other regulators, care is required when reducing the pressure setting. RTI recommends that the owner dry fire the gun a few times for each quarter turn of the screw counter clockwise. Then fire a few shots to see what pressure the regulator has settled-to by checking the gauge.

As you would expect, adjustment of the hammer spring tension is valuable when adjusting the reg pressure. This is achieved by turning a 6 mm setscrew in the rear of the buttplate. (The 4 mm setscrew below that is used to bleed pressure from the gun).

RTIArms uses custom barrels from both CZ and Lothar Walther for different calibers.

CaliberBarrel LengthNumber of GroovesRiflingManufacturer
.17720 Inches121 : 17.7 InchesCZ
.2224 Inches61 : 32 InchesLothar Walther
.2524 Inches101 : 17.7 InchesCZ
.3024 Inches61 : 16 InchesLothar Walther

The RTI Prophet air rifle has a two-stage trigger that can be adjusted down to a pull weight of just over 10 Ounces, the company tells HAM.

Adjustments are made – somewhat unusually – using a 1.5 mm Allen key inserted into the side of the action through the holes below the magazine well. They’re marked with + and – indications in the photograph below.

RTI Prophet air rifle.

Screw 1 controls second stage engagement, while screw 2 is used to adjust the pull weight.

Another unusual feature is that the magazine can be simply adjusted to sit to either the left or right side of the action, depending on the shooter’s requirements. Here it is in the vertical position, which you can also choose if you prefer.

As we can see, flexibility is a strong suit for the Prophet!

And here’s another unusual feature of the RTI Prophet air rifle. There’s a second fill port located in the underside of the receiver, just ahead of the buttpad. This allows the gun to be shot with a separate HPA tank attached by a flexible tube, as shown below.

To use the Prophet in this configuration, the conventionally-located front HPA tank is removed. This can give better balance for some users. However the regulator is bypassed in this mode of operation. A maximum pressure of 200 Bar (2,900 PSI) can be used when the remote tank is connected in this way.

The HAM Team plans to test this interesting air rifle in the near future. Watch out for our full review!

RTI Prophet Performance