More Details on The Limited Edition Crosman 362

HAM readers first learned about the Limited Edition Crosman 362 multi-pump air rifle back in February 2023. But now that the gun is shipping, we can bring you additional details.

Crosman enthusiasts pay attention!

The action of the Limited Edition Crosman 362 is the same as that of the regular, synthetic stock version. That’s fine as in earlier testing, I found the gun to produce nearly 15 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy with 8 pumps and 19 Grain Crosman 19 Grain Premier Ultra Heavy pellets.

However, at a Street Price of $399.99, the Limited Edition 362 is – shall we say – slightly more expensive that the regular model that sells for $109.99. So what’s the difference?

Let’s take a look…

First off, this limited edition version of the 362 celebrates the company’s 100 years in business manufacturing airguns. That’s an incredible record that’s matched by very few other companies. Only Diana springs to mind as manufacturing airguns for longer.

This being 2023, there’s just 2023 individual examples of this model being manufactured. Each one of them is numbered on the breech, as you can see in the photograph below. That will be the total production run. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

More Details on The Limited Edition Crosman 362

This built-in collector’s appeal is enhanced by a special commemorative box. That would undoubtedly make a very nice set, together with the 100th anniversary collectible Crosman pellet tins.

Beyond that there’s obviously a well-shaped and finished Turkish walnut stock and pump handle. That stock is finished with a rubber buttpad, cast metal commemorative medallion and stippling around the pistol grip and pump grip.

Another major appeal for Crosman congoscenti is that the Limited Edition Crosman 362 is fitted with a factory steel breech. This is an upgrade that’s widely-implemented on 362s and other suitable Crosman airguns. I fitted one to a 362 myself, as described here. It’s a big improvement!

Apart from the improved barrel support – and the accuracy improvement that is certain to provide – the steel breech allows for improved sights compared to the regular model.

The Limited Edition 362 makes use of that by including a traditional-style Williams peep sight. Open sight enthusiasts will enjoy the adjustable elevation and windage capabilities that this rear sight provides. It’s a HUGE improvement over the simplistic rear sight fitted to the regular 362.

More Details on The Limited Edition Crosman 362

Talking of accuracy, Phillip Guadalupe – Crosman’s Product Manager – tells me that the Limited Edition Crosman 362 also incorporates new barrel manufacturing improvements which make it capable of improved accuracy compared to the previous version.

Other improvements include the brass trigger, safety and bolt. While these may not actually improve accuracy themselves – like the stock – they will likely make you shoot better, just because the feel and handling of wood and metal parts is more enjoyable!

More Details on The Limited Edition Crosman 362

The Limited Edition 362 is available for order directly from the company’s website, or from Pyramyd Air. The Model number is C2023.