More New H&N Slugs And Pellets Announced

Today, HAM has exclusive information about some new H&N slugs and pellets. Both these products have entered production – the company tells HAM – and should enter the world-wide distribution system in the near future.

So what are these new H&N slugs and pellets? Actually there’s two models, with more variations to come in future, as you can read below…

H&N Slug HP II .30

The new H&N Slug HP II .30 is an introduction that bridges the gap in the company’s product portfolio between the .25 and .35 caliber slugs that are already available.

H&N says that the chosen diameter of .301 / 7.65 mm was chosen as it proved to be the most suitable for all of their test guns from multiple different manufacturers.

Initially H&N will offer two weight options: 50 Grains and 54 Grains. There’s the possibility that other weight options may be offered in the future as well.

The Slug HP II .30 incorporates the company’s two-stage “T-Slot” hollow point design.
The upper part features a shallow angle to ensure a quick start of the deformation. The lower part with an acute angle keeps the deformation going.

The result is a secure and massively expanding projectile, as can be seen from the “gel block” photo in this previous HAM story.

H&N confirms that production is running. The first production batches are already in stock.

H&N Baracuda 8 .177

More New H&N Slugs And Pellets Announced

Weighing-in at 8.44 grains, the H&N Baracuda 8 is a new light-midweight addition to the company’s huge line of .177 caliber pellets.

The company says that the Baracuda 8 is designed specifically for use in Field Target and Hunter Field Target competition. As with all domed head airgun pellets, the Baracuda 8 is extremely versatile and is also a good choice for small game hunting and pest control.

The HAM Gold Award-winning, 8.64 Grain H&N Field Target Trophy pellet is about the same weight. However H&N recognizes that all air rifles have their own individual “pellet preference”. So the Baracuda 8s offer an alternative to the Field Target Trophies, if required.

Initial production of the Baracuda 8 is in the popular 4.51 mm head size. Production has just started, the company says.

Keep a look out for more details of these new H&N slugs and pellets at the company’s website.