Most Watched Pyramyd Insyder Videos Of 2018

Every year at around this time, Pyramyd Air brings us a countdown of the most popular products they sold in the previous year. We’ll see the 2018 results next week. But first, we have a summary of the five most watched Pyramyd Insyder videos of 2018.

Drum roll please…

In first place among the Pyramyd Insyder videos of 2018, we have the Crosman DPMS SBR.

This fully auto BB gun is an excellent example of the fast-firing CO2-powered firearms lookalikes that are taking the airgun world by storm. After all, it’s the only chance most of us have to shoot anything fully auto! Check out the video below.

In second place is the Gamo Swarm Magnum air rifle. This pellet-firing breakbarrel has a magazine feed and is the follow-up model to the original Swarm Maxxim. Although not auto – or even semi-auto, of course – here we have another fast-firing. black rifle!

Number three position in the Pyramyd Insyder Videos Of 2018 is the Air Venturi Hellboy. It’s yet another fast-firing black rifle. Could we be seeing a trend here?

Of course the Hellboy is the second AR15-type airgun in this list. It has a number of interesting features that differentiate it from many other, as we found in our recent HAM review.

As we get to the fourth most watched Pyramyd Insyder videos of 2018, we come to the first PCP. This is the Hatsan Flash. The Flash is a magazine-fed, $300 PCP. And it’s black!

The fifth most watched Pyramyd Insyder videos of 2018 is for a CO2-powered pistol. It’s the Diana Chaser. Guess what! It’s black, too!

Together with Airgun Depot’s list of best-selling airguns of 2018, this video list makes abundantly clear the HUGE interest in rapid-firing, black airguns among consumers today. Many of these are powered by 12 Gram CO2 cartridges.

It looks as if maximum FPS is no longer the key driver in mainstream airgun sales – at least for online buyers in the USA. Plinker airguns are clearly on the rise!

It will be interesting to see the Pyramyd Top Ten most popular air rifles list next week to see if that trend is reflected there, too.

And thanks for all the videos, Tyler…