National Air Rifle League Kicks off Its Fourth Season

The National Air Rifle League kicked off its fourth season this month with a record 167 teams and over 1,700 athletes competing!

There are no less than 36 states represented this year, together with teams from JROTC services, Junior Rifle Clubs, 4-H Clubs, and American Legion clubs. The National Air Rifle League is sponsored by Shooter’s Technology LLC and the Orion Scoring System.

The National Air Rifle League aims to provide meaningful competition for both elite and developing teams from the comfort of their home ranges.

Below, the United South MCJROTC Team from Laredo,TX.

National Air Rifle League Kicks off Its Fourth Season

The United South MCJROTC team includes Simon Espino, Matthew Altman, Abdiel Lara, and Antonio Munoz. United South MCJROTC is from Laredo, TX, and is coached by James Jordan.

Each week, teams compete in a virtual game against another team within their division. They are ranked during the regular season according to their seasonal average plus win-loss record.

There are two simultaneous leagues for Precision and Sporter teams. Each league has two divisions, Champions and Distinguished. The Champions Division is reserved for the top teams in the country.

The National Air Rifle League regular season lasts 8 weeks. The League champion is determined by a single elimination tournament following the regular season.

The Precision Distinguished Division has a number of teams that are competing in Precision Air Rifle type for the first time in the national Air Rifle League. These teams, however, are not new to shooting. Their athletes have come from their respective schools’ Sporter teams.

National Air Rifle League Kicks off Its Fourth Season

Anyone who follows Sporter air rifle teams would recognize these teams immediately. They include Summerlin Academy AJROTC, Henderson County AJROTC, and Marion AJROTC. That’s the Summerlin Team in the photograph above.

National Air Rifle League Kicks off Its Fourth Season

Above. Gulfport MCJROTC members include Mackayla Bourgeois, Donna Willison, Kayla Marroy, and Dimitri Celentano. Gulfport MCJROTC is from Biloxi, MS, and is coached by John Owens.

To keep in touch with the National Air Rifle League, check out their website.

If you would like more information about the National Air Rifle League please contact Daniel Schekorra at or by phone +1 703.596.0099.