New 10 x 30 SWAT Prismatic Scope Launched By MTC Optics

MTC Optics has chosen the 2019 UK Northern Shooting Show to launch its latest new product – the super wide angle 10 x 30 SWAT Prismatic scope.

This new 10 x 30 SWAT prismatic model joins the already popular 12×50 model launched earlier in the year. HAM Brought you the first information about that from the 2019 IWA Show.

Like its (slightly) larger sibling, the all-new 10×30 SWAT Prismatic is a little scope featuring some big differences! SWAT stands for Super Wide-Angle Technology, meaning the a much wider field of view compared to a conventional 10x magnification scope.

What’s more, continues MTC Optics, it combines its highly detailed sight picture courtesy of an ultra-short eye relief and a concertina rubber eyecup. This makes it particularly suitable for air rifle use where rapid target acquisition is a priority.

New 10 x 30 SWAT Prismatic Scope Launched By MTC Optics

Despite its diminutive dimensions – it measures just 4.8 Inches from the 30mm objective to the eyepiece – the squat 10×30 includes external elevation and windage turrets. These not only offer the MIL-rated click adjustments, they are also lockable and feature resettable verniers.

Complementing a quick-focus eyepiece, there’s sidewheel parallax adjustment to eliminate aiming errors at closer ranges. Adjustment is down to 10 Yards. And MTC’s 10 x 30 SWAT Prismatic scope also includes the manufacturer’s exclusive SCB2 multi-stadia reticle. This can also be illuminated to one of 10 brightness settings.

Further versatility comes in the form of the objective lens housing. This has been designed to allow the fitting of many after-market Night Vision DSAs (Day-Scope Adapters), thus allowing the usert to shoot around the clock.

New 10 x 30 SWAT Prismatic Scope Launched By MTC Optics

A practical magnetically-closed flip-up objective lens cover is included in the package, along with a special Picatinny-fit one-piece mount. This has an integral tilt adjustment to alleviate scope-mounting issues and enable ‘optical centring’ of the scope to the rifle’s bore.

For use on standard airgun scope dovetails, Picatinny-to-11mm dovetail adapters are also supplied.

Scheduled to debut in UK gun shops from late July, the new MTC Optics 10×30 SWAT Prismatic scope has a target retail price of £375.00.

US availability and price are currently TBD.