New .25 Caliber H&N Heavy Slugs Announced

Coming soon to an airgun near you! .25 caliber H&N Heavy slugs are the latest announcement from the famous German ammunition maker.

H&N already has a range of .25 caliber slugs in a number of weights. These are 28, 30, 32 and 34 Grains. And we know that H&N slugs are of excellent quality based on the HAM test review of the 27 Grain, .217 Caliber versions, where they earned a Gold Award.

To add to the existing .25 caliber range, H&N has announced a range of heavier slugs. In addition, they will also be available in two versions: .249 and .250 calibers. The Ballistic Coefficients range between 0.114 and 0.133, as we’ll see in the table below.

Pyramyd Air estimates an in-stock date of June 1, 2022. So they’re coming soon…

These new introductions will give H&N a huge range of slugs in .25 to match the massive variety they are already producing in .22 caliber.

.25 caliber H&N Heavy slugs have a hollow point and dished base. The company says that they provide massive expansion in the target and – thus – the probability of a humane, one-shot kill for the hunter.

Oh yes, the weights!

The .25 caliber H&N heavies will be available in the following Grain weights: 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46.

But with such a huge range of H&N .25 caliber slugs becoming available, what weight should you choose?

Most shooters will want to shoot at somewhere between 850 and 950 FPS Muzzle Energy. As the following chart shows, H&N .25 caliber slugs now span the range of power levels all the way from about 45 Ft/Lbs (at 850 FPS) to 92 Ft/Lbs (at 950 FPS).

New .25 Caliber H&N Heavy Slugs Announced

Like HAM, H&N generates its Ballistic Coefficient values using Labradar to measure velocities. The company is also aware of the importance of Muzzle Velocity in the determination of BCs and so the data here indicates both for each weight of the new .25 caliber slugs. Thanks for sharing, H&N!!!

Slug WeightBallistic CoefficientMuzzle Velocity
38 Grains0.1141,010 FPS
40 Grains0.1201,000 FPS
42 Grains0.124980 FPS
44 Grains0.128965 FPS
46 Grains0.133947 FPS

H&N clearly is creating one of the widest ranges of slugs in the airgun world. So, if you’re interested in shooting slugs and your PCP is powerful enough – it makes sense to consider these new .25 caliber H&N Heavy slugs.

H&N Slug HP Heavy, .250 Cal., 40 Grains, Hollowpoint, 100ct 0.25