New .30 Caliber FX Hybrid Slugs

New .30 Caliber FX Hybrid Slugs are shipping immediately to all USA-based FX Dealers. They also will be available shortly at FX Dealers elsewhere in the world.

Each Hybrid Slug weigh just 44.5 Grains. The company explains that the deeply hollowed-out core allows them to have the length and shape of a slug weighing more than 65 grains. The result is a high Ballistic Coefficient of 0.102, FX tells HAM.

This high BC makes .30 Caliber FX Hybrid Slugs less susceptible to wind drift. It also allows shooters to take game humanely at great distances while still retaining the energy of the projectile.

For example, a 44.5 grain Hybrid Slug shot at 980 FPS has 95 Ft/Lbs of muzzle energy. At 100 yards the Hybrid still maintains 67 Ft/Lbs of energy (compared to a similar sized pellet that would only retain 45 Ft/Lbs at 100 yards). All things needed to humanely take game at longer distances.

v\New .30 Caliber FX Hybrid Slugs

FX says that shooters will find that the majority of .30 caliber air rifles will shoot these new hybrid slugs well. Optimal accuracy will be found between 960-1020 FPS, but they will still shoot well at slower speeds depending on the manufacturers barrel and twist rate.

To better tailor their barrels to shooting both .30 caliber Hybrid Slugs and standard .30 caliber pellets, FX Airguns has further advanced and adjusted the specification of their .30 Caliber Superior Standard STX liner.

All .30 caliber rifles now being produced by FX Airguns will come with a Super Standard STX liner features a 1:26 twist rate. This liner will shoot both standard .30 Caliber pellets and Hybrid Slugs exceptionally well (as well as other light weight .30 Cal slugs).

The older Superior Liners shipped with previous .30 caliber rifles are now called the FX .30 Cal Superior Slow Twist Liner. These feature a slower 1:37 twist rate ideally suited for long distance pellet shooting (particularly in windy conditions).

Both liners serve their individual purposes and will be offered through FX dealers.

The new 1:26 twist rate .30 Caliber Superior Standard STX liner is starting to ship to FX dealers worldwide immediately.

New .30 Caliber FX Hybrid Slugs

Contact your local FX Dealer for pricing and availability. FX Hybrid Slugs are also available in .22 and .25 caliber.

FX Hybrid Slug, .30 Cal, 44.5 Grains, Hollowpoint, 100ct 0.30
FX Hybrid Slugs .30 Cal, 100 Count