New 50 Caliber Texan PCP Announced By AirForce Airguns

AirForce Airguns has announced the addition of a new 50 caliber Texan to its extensive line of big-bore air rifles.  The company says that early testing of the Texan .50 has yielded muzzle energy well over 800 Ft/Lbs.

This new Texan features a .510 caliber Lothar-Walther barrel, the recently released TX2 valve system. In addition, there’s a D.O.T.  certified 250bar (3625 PSI) carbon fiber air tank that can be both commercially filled and re-certified for safety every 5 years.

The Texan .50 will be on display in the AirForce booth at the 2020 SHOT show.

“The addition of .50 caliber to the Texan lineup has been a goal for us since we introduced the TX2 valve system in 2019,” said John McCaslin, President of AirForce Airguns.

“We recognized the potential for the new valve to make massive power after making over 750 Ft/Lbs in .457 caliber. Making the jump to .50 caliber will allow shooters looking for maximum power numbers to take advantage of even more projectile options as they push the limits of what is possible with an air rifle.”

The 50 caliber Texan will be entering full production in late January 2020, says AirForce. The first run of rifles will be shipping to dealers by mid to late February, they tell HAM.

AirForce Airguns will begin taking dealer and distributor orders for the Texan .50 at SHOT Show 2020.