New Accu-Sync QR Cantilever Mounts And IWA Photos from Leapers

The latest announcement from Leapers is a new range of UTG Accu-Sync QR Cantilever Mounts. These offset mounts are offered for a range of scope configurations and tube sizes. All fit onto standard Picatinny rails.

Precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum, these new cantilever mounts are equipped with square-pattern recoil stops – as we can see from the photograph below. This results in a secure zero hold and return to zero if removed, says Leapers.

Accu-Sync QR Cantilever Mounts

In addition, UTG Accu-Sync QR Cantilever Mounts feature a locking quick release lever mount. Operation is both tool-free and tension adjustable.

Shooters simply rotate an adjustment gear to increase or decrease the tension applied by the mount – this accommodates both in-spec Picatinny mounts and those which are, well, maybe close to spec…

Accu-Sync QR Cantilever Mounts

These new cantilever mounts are compatible with the Accu-Syc scope levelers that were also introduced by Leapers recently.

Here’s details of the full range of new UTG Accu-Sync QR Cantilever Mounts:

Model Number Fits Tube DiameterSaddle HeightDesignationOffsetMaximum Objective Size
AIR11834Q1 Inch18 mmMedium34 mm61 mm
AIR11850Q1 Inch18 mmMedium50 mm61 mm
AIR12250Q1 Inch22 mmHigh50 mm69 mm
AIR32234Q30 mm22 mmHigh34 mm73 mm
AIR32250Q30 mm22 mmHigh50 mm73 mm
AIR42270Q34 mm22 mmExtra High70 mm77 mm

You can also check-out the Leapers web site here.

Accu-Sync QR Cantilever Mounts

Also – thanks to David Ding, the owner of Leapers – here’s some interesting photographs of the Leapers booth at the IWA OutdoorClassics show. This was held in Nuremberg, Germany, recently.

As we can see, there was a lot of interest in the company’s new Integrix range of riflescopes. The IWA show was the European launch for these products. There’s more information about Integrix scopes on the Leapers web site at

Below is an overview of the booth before the show started.

Thanks David!