New Air Arms Tactical PCP Air Rifle

The Air Arms Tactical is the latest PCP air rifle to be launched by the British manufacturer.

It’s a S510 action mounted in a tactical-style chassis – instead of a conventional wooden stock. That much is clear and we’ll look at more details below.

However, the precise name of the product is not so obvious.

Pyramyd Air and Airgun Depot have added the product to their websites with the name of “Air Arms S510 XS Tactical PCP Air Rifle”. That seems a clear and accurate description of the product.

However – if you go to the Air Arms website, the same gun is called the “S510T Tactical”. Except, that is, for the the embedded video on the same page, where the name is abbreviated to simply “Air Arms S510T”.

But there’s more…

Looking at images of the gun in both the Air Arms video and on the Pyramyd and Airgun depot websites, you’ll see that the breech is marked “S510TR”.

New Air Arms Tactical PCP Air Rifle

So HAM is calling it the Air Arms Tactical for simplicity!

The S510-type action is regulated and magazine-fed with a sidelever action. There’s a Lothar Walther barrel too, as would obviously be expected in a product at this (high) end of the market. HAM tested an S510 back in 2015 and liked it a lot at that time.

There’s a new moderator fitted too. In conjunction with the fully-shrouded barrel, this is expected to offer backyard-compatible noise levels.

Performance specifications in each caliber are as follows:

CaliberMax Muzzle VelocityMax Muzzle EnergyShots Per Fill
.1771035 FPS20 Ft/Lbs40
.22950 FPS32 Ft/Lbs35
.25815 FPS44 Ft/Lbs25

The stock has a M4-style Magpul multi-position buttstock with raised cheekpiece and rubber buttpad. The pistol grip is AR-compatible also.

Scope mounting us via a Picatinny rail. This is different to other S510 models, which have traditionally used .22/airgun rails for scope attachment

New Air Arms Tactical PCP Air Rifle

Up-front, the forend has M-Lok slots on the underside. The gun is supplied with a vertical handgrip that attaches to one of them.

The vertical sides of the forend are also equipped with M-Lok slots. However, it looks as if US-market models will be equipped with Picatinny rail adapters on either side.

All-in-all, there’s obviously a ton of options for the fitment of a wide variety of compatible accessories!

US availability for the Air Arms Tactical is showing as October 18, 2021. Retail price will be $1,899.99.

Air Arms S510 XS Tactical PCP Air Rifle 0.177
Air Arms S510 Tactical PCP Air Rifle