New Air Venturi Avenger Upgrades Available At Pyramyd Air

There’s a range of new Air Venturi Avenger upgrades now becoming available at Pyramyd Air. They are interesting examples of how additive manufacturing – AKA “3D printing” – is starting to impact the world of airguns.

Air Venturi Avenger Upgrades

These new Air Venturi Avenger upgrades are all produced by additive manufacturing. The results are useful precision parts that offer a range of benefits not found with traditional manufacturing methods.

In this case, the manufacturer is Tucson-based Black Arts Design. They have a range of accessory upgrades that will be of interest to owners of the HAM Gold Award-winning Avenger and Avenger Bullpup models.

First up is the Black Arts barrel band system for the Air Venturi Avenger. This is shown in our photographs above. The design provides a separate barrel band that’s not attached to the stock in the same way as the factory part.

There’s also a bracket that connects the stock’s forend with the Avenger’s HPA tube. The result is claimed to be an increase in accuracy by reducing POI shifts transmitted from the stock.

There’s also a Black Arts barrel band for the Avenger bullpup. This is similar, but does not have the stock bracket. (Photograph below).

A third Black Arts Air Venturi Avenger upgrade is a kit of two Gauge protectors. These fit around the Avenger’s pressure gauges and protect them from accidental knocks and possible damage that are inevitable in everyday use.

Black Arts uses a special thermoplastic polyurethane material for these parts. This material is capable of absorbing impacts whereas traditional plastics or metals could simply transmit that force to the gauge itself.

Air Venturi Avenger upgrades

These gauge protectors are designed to cover as much of the gauges as possible, yet allow the graduated part of the faceplate to visible for reading.

As the Avenger’s gauges are quite exposed, this sounds like a great – low cost – upgrade that all owners could benefit from…

Black Arts Barrel Band System for Air Venturi Avenger
Black Arts Bullpup Barrel Band for Air Venturi Avenger, 6mm
Black Arts Gauge Protector for Air Venturi Avenger, Set of 2