New Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match Air Pistol

The Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match air pistol is the latest in a line of 10 meter competition air pistols that has been offered by Air Venturi. At a Street Price of $599.99, the Comp10 further continues that history of being attractively-priced, too.

The Comp10 has a 65 cc capacity High Pressure Air cylinder that can be filled to 250 Bar (3,625 PSI). With the regulated action, this gives around 200 shots per fill at a maximum Muzzle velocity of 510 FPS, Air Venturi tells HAM.

As you would expect for a competition pistol, there’s a five-way, fully-adjustable match grade trigger with manual safety.

Adjustments can be made to the trigger position, first stage weight, first stage travel, sear engagement and overtravel stop. All these changes can be made using Allen (hex) wrenches.


Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match Air Pistol

Cocking is accomplished using the lever mounted on the left side of the action. It’s just above the Air Venturi logo in the photograph above.

The lever is rotated up and back. This opens the breech, allowing a single pellet to be loaded by hand. The lever is then rotated back down to back before firing.

In addition, the Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match air pistol may be safely cocked and dry-fired for training. To achieve this, the lever above the trigger is moved into the “S” position. In this case, the cocking lever does not close entirely and the trigger will be fired without air being exhausted.

Overall length is 16.5 Inches, this being combined with a barrel length of 9.5 Inches. The weight is 2.4 Lbs.

As can be seen below, there’s also a wood pistol grip incorporating an adjustable palm shelf.

Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match Air Pistol

Sights are of metal. The front sight is fixed and the rear sight adjustable for elevation and windage.

Air Venturi Comp10 Match PCP Air Pistol 0.17