New Air Venturi Products Debuted At 2024 SHOT Show

In this post, we’ll take a look at the new Air Venturi airgun products which were shown for the first time at the 2024 SHOT Show.

in our photographs above and below we’re looking at a superb customized Air Venturi Avenge-X air rifle. Well, yes, this is not exactly new in itself, but the “USAAF World War 2”-style art was a delight to behold…

This beautiful artwork – Cerakote, I believe – had been applied in-house at Pyramid Air. It was truly superbly done!

Being displayed as a “show special”, this was not intended for sale. However, I’m guessing that Pyramid could be open to commissions. But if you’re interested, don’t expect such work to be either quick or cheap!

Meanwhile, new Air Venturi products showed the ever-increasing development of the Avenge-X PCP air rifle range.

First launched at the 2023 SHOT Show, the Avenge-X has already won a HAM Gold Award for it’s combination of quality, value and performance.

Air Venturi promised that the Avenge-X would be a “platform product” with a large range of accessories to be added in future. The company is really delivering on that promise!

Below, Emily from Air Venturi is showing us a new chassis from Saber Tactical that’s designed specifically for the Avenge-X. The appearance of third-party accessories for the Avenge-X really validates the popularity of the platform and provides additional features and functionality. In this case, bench rest shooting is obviously anticipated.

New Air Venturi Products Debuted At 2024 SHOT Show

Below we see a close-up of the chassis.

New Air Venturi Products Debuted At 2024 SHOT Show

In addition, the Avenge-X will be available in a compact, carbine form, as we can see below. That means that a 400 mm barrel is being added to the existing 500 and 580 mm lengths. There’s also a smaller, 130 cc HPA tube.

Given the modular nature of the Avenge-X product line, it’s easy to see that these additions provide yet more customization options for the rifle.

New Air Venturi Products Debuted At 2024 SHOT Show

Also to be seen at the Air Venturi booth was a new, forthcoming CO2-powered version of the Springfield Armory Hellcat. This is due to become available around mid-year 2024, I was told.

Another, but very different air pistol that will join the Air Venturi line-up in 2024 is the new Comp10. It’s a PCP-powered pistol for competition in precision 10 Meter target shooting.

New Air Venturi Products Debuted At 2024 SHOT Show

As you would expect, there’s a multi-adjustable trigger, combined with sculpted pistol grip and sophisticated open sights.

Air Venturi Avenge-X Tactical 0.22