New Airgun Parts Website Makes Ordering Easy

Archer Airguns has just launched a new airgun parts website. It’s called the Archer Airguns Parts Store and you can expect to see many new airgun parts being added in future!

“So what’s the big deal?” I hear you say. “Archer Airguns has been in business for 14 years and you’ve always sold airgun parts kits. And the url is still the same.”

Well yes, that’s completely true. What’s different is the focus of our store. In future we will be ONLY selling parts – no more airguns.


New Airgun Parts Website Makes Ordering Easy

As many of you know, Archer Airguns has long been famous for selling the QB78 family of CO2-powered airguns. We specialized in them, wrote the Workshop Manual and created specialized upgrades culminating in a Custom Shop and the QB78 Repeater model.

The Archer Airguns QB78 Repeater was the first successful, commercially-available multi-shot version of this platform. We sold plenty of them over many years, both as upgrades and complete guns. It was also available as a PCP using the QB79 and Ninja Regulated HPA Tank as a basis.


However, everything changes with time. As Hard Air Magazine has expanded with success, it’s taking more of my effort. The parts side of Archer Airguns has also grown. There’s no longer enough hours in the day to sell airguns too…

The result of this is our new airgun parts website. We’ve up-graded and rebuilt our Archer Airguns online store so that it’s easier to find and buy the airgun parts you need.

Of course, the QB78 is not forgotten! You can find parts for these guns and other Chinese airguns in our new store. In fact, we will further increase the range of parts kits we stock for these models in future.


Over the years, Crosman and Benjamin parts have become an increasing part of our business, too. We’ll continue to offer our specialist repair services for Benjamin and Crosman PCP airguns. You’ll also see further parts become available from other airgun manufacturers.

So that’s our new airgun parts website. I hope that you’ll find it useful!

Full disclosure. For anyone who didn’t already know, Archer Airguns owns and publishes Hard Air Magazine.