New Airguns at the 2017 NRA Show – Video Report From Airgun Depot

If you’ve not attended the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, this video from Airgun Depot shows some of the new airguns at the 2017 NRA Show and gives a good idea of what the event is like.

Among other things, Cameron show us two new big bore air rifles that were first shown at the 2017 SHOT Show.

First is a further-developed sample of the Umarex Hammer. This one is the second shooting sample of that model. And then, there’s the new AirForce Texan SS, which is coming closer to production.

The only really new airguns at the NRA Show – according to Cameron’s report – were a pair from Hatsan.

The Hatsan Sortie is a semi-automatic PCP air pistol, while the Hatsan Proxima is a second magazine-fed multi-shot gas ram air rifle. This one’s an under lever.

Check out Airgun Depot’s video on the new airguns at the 2017 NRA Show by clicking below…