New And Improved Plano All Weather Rifle Cases Now Available

Everyone needs a quality case to protect their air rifle when traveling – especially by airline or in rugged conditions. Plano All Weather Rifle Cases have been a popular choice for this over many years.

Now for 2018, the company has enhanced their best-selling line of Plano All Weather Rifle Cases with an upgraded look and improved functionality.

Available in 36-inch, 42-inch and 52-inch sizes, the new Plano All Weather Rifle Cases feature rugged, industrial-strength construction, says the company. Plano also claims an improved, continuous Dri-Loc seal to create a watertight and dust-proof shield that protects air rifles in even the most extreme conditions.

New And Improved Plano All Weather Rifle Cases Now Available

As air rifles are typically longer than firearms, it’s the 52-inch size that will probably be of most interest to airgunners. However, the 42-inch version could be a good choice for bullpups and other shorter models. Both should give comfortable clearance with mounted scopes.

Plano tells us that features like heavy-duty dual-stage lockable latches and molded padlock gates combine to make All Weather cases ideal for airline travel. There is also a built-in pressure-release valve which is designed to equalize pressure differences caused by changes in altitude or temperature.

Plano All Weather Rifle Cases have molded handles to facilitate easy transport, while the 52-inch model has easy-glide wheels.

Inside, Plano All Weather Rifle Cases feature customizable, pre-perforated pluck foam that you can fashion to the size and shape of your airgun.

Plano All Weather 52-In. Wheeled Case Specifications
Model: PLA11852
Easy-glide wheels for transport
Interior dimensions: 51.5-in. x 14-in. x 5.5-in.
Exterior dimensions: 53.5-in. x 17-in. x 7-in.
Pluckable interior: 48.75-in. x 12-in.
MSRP: $169.99

Plano All Weather 42-In. Wheeled Case Specifications
Model: PLA11842
Interior dimensions: 43-in. x 14-in. x 5-in.
Exterior dimensions: 44.4-in. x 16.8-in. x 6.4-in.
Pluckable interior: 39.75-in. x 12-in.
MSRP: $119.99