New ASG 1911 BB Pistol Now Available

The ASG 1911 BB pistol is a new introduction to the large number of Colt 1911-style replica air pistols in the market today.

As you would expect, it’s a CO2-powered gun with blowback and a drop-free magazine. The mag contains one 12 Gram CO2 cartridge, plus 18 BBs.

With a weight of just under 2 Lbs and an overall length of 8.66 Inches, the ASG 1911 BB pistol is pretty close to the specs of the firearm original. This, together with the blowback capability and the functioning controls, mean that it will attract attention as a trainer, as well as a replica.

ASG 1911 BB pistol

As ASG is not a common name in “hard air” circles, it may be worth learning a little more about the company…

ASG stands for “Action Sports Guns”. It’s an international company that’s headquartered in Denmark.

ASG concentrates mainly on airsoft products. They also are the airgun license-holders for multiple firearms brands, including DSA, Sako and VLTOR.

Hard Air Magazine has had good experience with ASG airgun products over the years. Back in 2016, ASG’s Dan Wesson 716 replica revolver earned a HAM Gold Award on test.

ASG Blaster BBs are one of our standard BB types that we use for every HAM BB gun review. Our 2022 overview of BBs found Blasters to be the most accurate-shooting ammo in more BB gun tests than any other.

So, we would expect this new ASG 1911 BB pistol to be a good quality product, even if the ASG name may not be the best-known among airgun brands.

Street Price of the ASG 1911 BB pistol is $119.99.

1911 US-C CO2 Blowback Pistol 0.177