New Ataman AP16 Target Pistol Announced

Russian manufacturer Ataman has started to release details of products that they planned to launch at the 2020 IWA Show. These include a new Ataman AP16 target pistol.

This new PCP air pistol is based on the existing AP16. However. it’s obviously changed in several respects to make it suitable for 10 Meter paper target-punching.

New Ataman AP16 Target Pistol Announced

Ataman AP16 Target Pistol specifications are as follows:

– Adjustable front and rear sights

– Single-shot tray pellet loading

– Training dry-fire system

– Adjustable grip (there’s a choice of walnut, sapele redwood and laminated wood)

– Caliber: 4.5 mm / .177 inch

– Muzzle energy: 7,5 Joules / 5.53 Ft/Lbs

– Approximately 220 shots per fill

– Dimensions: 16.38 x 1.46 x 5.98-Inches

– Weight: 2.2 Lbs

– Cylinder capacity: 60 CC

– Barrel length: 9.29 Inches

– Trigger pull: 0.44 – 2.2 Lbs

– Trigger creep: 0.0079 – 0.079 Inches

– Sight line length: 14.72 Inches

Price and availability for this new target pistol in the USA are to be confirmed.

New Ataman AP16 Target Pistol Announced

It’s interesting to see Ataman developing the AP16 platform. Last year, the company introduced carbine conversion kits for the “core” pistol model.

Ataman tells us that there’s several “very interesting” new models to be announced. The company has promised to keep us updated. You’ll be able to see details of these exciting new airguns in Hard Air Magazine very soon…