New Axeon Absolute Zero Eases Sighting In

There’s lots of reasons why you will find the Axeon Absolute Zero an interesting new product.

Maybe you a long range airgun shooter. Or are you maybe trying to be an Airgun Depot Long Ranger? Alternatively, do you just need a simple way to sight-in your air rifle?

If so, you will be interested in the new, improved, patented and proven Axeon Absolute Zero. It makes sighting-in your rifle absolutely easy, says Umarex USA!

The system comes with an adapter that fits your rifle’s Picatinny or Weaver rail. It also comes equipped with a quick disconnect mount that allows the unit to mount onto any scope that has a 1-inch or 30 mm tube.

Adhesive-backed reflective grids are included with each Absolute Zero making the red lasers easy to identify and locate even in bright sunlit conditions.

First you place a target with the included laser grid adhered to it at 25 Yards range.

With the Absolute Zero attached to your gun (or scope), its twin lasers to aid you in precisely aligning your point of aim with your point of impact. Locate your lasers on the reflective grid and make note of their positions.

Now shoot a pellet (or slug) to establish a point of impact.

Put the lasers back on the grid where they were originally located when you took the shot. Move your reticle to the point of impact. You’re now sighted in at 25 yards with just one shot!

Combining this with the Ballistic Coefficient data for your pellet from the HAM BC Database and Chairgun software can give you a great way to work out holdovers required at any other range.

Umarex USA says that the system works across multiple platforms and calibers. Due to the triangulation effect provided by the two lasers, it eliminates the effects of cant and movement when sighting-in.

You can see the system in use in this video. It’s so simple that you may need to watch it twice to completely “get it”. At least that’s what we did!

The Absolute Zero has an MSRP of $79.99. You can find out more and buy it at the Axeon Optics website.